JJ’s Real Name in Outer Banks: Unveiling the Mystery

Thanks to its thrilling and carefree nature, Outer Banks became a sensation on Netflix in 2020, and its highly anticipated return for season 2 this year was met with overwhelming praise.

The Pogues and Their Enigmatic Friend, JJ

The series revolves around a group of rebellious teenagers called the Pogues. John B Routledge, Sarah Cameron, Kiara “Kie” Carrera, Pope Heyward, and JJ Maybank make up this tight-knit crew. However, since the show’s debut, fans have been curious about what the initial “JJ” represents in young JJ Maybank’s name.

Getting to Know JJ in Outer Banks

Portrayed by Rudy Pankow, JJ Maybank is introduced in the first episode of Outer Banks’ inaugural season. He is John B’s best friend, and the two have been inseparable since the third grade. Though they haven’t always seen eye to eye, they have each other’s backs.

Unfortunately, JJ’s home life has been far from loving. His father, Luke Maybank, battles substance abuse and often subjects JJ to physical and verbal abuse. While JJ’s mother remains unseen in Outer Banks, Luke blames JJ for her departure.

When the Pogues discover the existence of a lost treasure in season 1, JJ eagerly joins the search. He becomes an indispensable member of the group, and as the series progresses, his bond with Kiara becomes noticeably stronger. Fans can only hope that sparks of romance will ignite between them in season 3, should it come to fruition.

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Decoding JJ’s Real Name in Outer Banks

Throughout the show, JJ’s full name is never officially revealed. However, a fan theory suggests that his real name is John J.

In the series itself, JJ’s full name is never mentioned. However, according to discussions on Reddit, fans believe his name is actually John J. It is speculated that the name was changed to JJ to avoid confusion with the characters John B and Big John.

A Reddit thread specifically seeking “wrong answers only” to JJ’s real name sheds light on this theory. One user, ts__idiot, posted a comment stating, “John J, but they thought it’d be too confusing to call him that because of John B.” Fellow fan osmany_martinez agreed, affirming the theory and adding, “Yeah, but this is the right answer lol. They didn’t want those three to get confused, especially with Big John.”

Hopefully, JJ’s real name will be revealed in Outer Banks, potentially in season 3 if he reunites with his missing mother.


Outer Banks season 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix, following its release on July 30th, 2021.

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