Battle with Style: Conquering Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go

With the exciting launch of Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week, trainers are encountering a fresh opponent: the Fashion Challengers. If you’re wondering why these trainers are worth your time and effort, let’s dive into a quick guide to help you understand and conquer them.

What are Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go?

Fashion Challengers are a new type of NPC trainers introduced during the Fashion Week event in Pokemon Go. Similar to Team GO Rocket Grunts or the GO Tour Challengers from the Kanto Celebration, these trainers can be found at Pokestops. Every time you spin a Pokestop they inhabit, they will challenge you to a battle.

Engaging with these Fashion Challengers is crucial for completing the special research assigned to players during the event. To successfully complete the research, you must conquer these Fashion Challenger trainers nine times. Since this event lasts for a week, it’s essential to complete these battles as quickly as possible.

Defeating Different Types of Fashion Challengers

Pokemon GO's Fashion Week is also incorporated to celebrate Pokemon GO's 5th Anniversary

There are five distinct types of Fashion Challenger trainers in Pokemon Go, each with their own unique Pokemon teams that align with the Fashion Week theme. Let’s take a closer look at how to defeat them:

  • Cool Challenger Trainer – Furfrou, Sneasel, Gothitelle:
    This team is poorly balanced, with two Pokemon susceptible to Fighting type attacks. If you have a Machamp or Conkeldurr, you can easily sweep through the first two opponents. For Gothitelle, focus on Bug, Dark, or Ghost type moves. A Heracross with strong Bug and Fighting type attacks will be ideal for this battle.

  • Eccentric Challenger Trainer – Furfrou (Star Trim), Alolan Graveler, Blitzle:
    This team also has an apparent weakness. While Alolan Graveler and Blitzle are Electric types weak to Ground type attacks, Furfrou poses the greatest challenge. Combat this team effectively by using a powerful Ground type Pokemon such as Swampert or Excadrill with Earthquake.

  • Quirky Challenger Trainer – Furfrou (Matron Trim), Braixen, Shinx:
    Once again, this team shares a common weakness to Ground type attacks, with Furfrou being the standout Pokemon. Although Excadrill may not be the best choice due to Braixen’s Fire type moves, Swampert with Earthquake can cover this concern.

  • Sassy Challenger Trainer – Furfrou (Dandy Trim), Butterfree, Vaporeon:
    This team exhibits a typical weakness shared by two of its Pokemon: Butterfree and Vaporeon. Both are weak to Electric type attacks. Furfrou, on the other hand, remains a constant presence in every team. Simply bring a powerful Electric type Pokemon like Jolteon to the fight and sweep through the opponents.

  • Slick Challenger Trainer – Furfrou (Diamond Trim), Croagunk, Obstagoon:
    This team also suffers from a significant Fighting weakness. Croagunk, with its Poison typing, resists Fighting type attacks. To overcome this challenge, deploy a Gallade, which boasts Psychic and Fighting type moves. Psychic type attacks are super effective against Croagunk, while Fighting type attacks are super effective against Furfrou and Obstagoon.

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To summarize, Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week revolves around these exciting trainer battles. Engaging in these battles is not only rewarding but also essential for completing the special timed research assigned during the event. Don’t miss out on the fantastic rewards and missions that await you!

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