What Happens When You Ignore an Aries Man

You might believe that ignoring an Aries man will make him realize your worth and stop taking you for granted. While ignoring an Aries man can be effective in making him crawl back to you, it does come with consequences. Without further delay, let’s explore what happens when you ignore an Aries man.

Aries Man’s Reaction

When you choose to ignore an Aries man, he will likely wait for you to cave in, and that’s when he’ll start ignoring you back. He becomes confused as to why you’re ignoring him, and if he can’t comprehend the reason, he gets angry. However, as time passes, an Aries man starts missing you and eventually begins to chase you.

It’s important to fully understand an Aries man’s weaknesses and how he behaves when he’s mad to comprehend the consequences of ignoring him. Let’s delve into that further.

Aries Man’s Weaknesses

An Aries man is primarily focused on his own life, and this self-centered trait remains a dominant aspect of his personality. With his childlike innocence, an Aries man lacks a cunning mind and often disarms people with his self-assured nature.

When provoked, an Aries man’s fury ignites, and he can become fiercely combative, with his ego often taking precedence. Additionally, an Aries man is impatient and lacks perseverance, making him insensitive at times. His stubbornness can cause relationship problems, particularly if his partner can no longer tolerate his intolerance.

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Being an independent sign, an Aries man despises being told what to do or being bossed around. However, one of his major weaknesses is his tendency to quickly react with anger and then cool down, forgetting what triggered him in the first place.

When an Aries Man Is Mad…

If your Aries man is angry, especially if you’ve directed your action towards him, such as breaching his trust or insulting him, he will likely reciprocate the energy you’ve shown him. When Aries men get angry, their rage explodes, and they struggle to control themselves, often seeking conflict.

If an Aries man is angry with you, he will raise his voice and shout at you as a means to protect his emotional vulnerability. These feelings of anger can persist for months, impacting his every action until they are addressed.

During this time, an Aries man becomes hypersensitive, leading to eruptions of rage over trivial matters. These negative emotions can send him spiraling down, as his self-importance naturally leads him to believe that he deserves better treatment.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” that matter most to an Aries man, make sure to check out Aries Man Secrets, a book by Anna Kovach.

The Consequences of Ignoring an Aries Man

He Will Reciprocate

When you start ignoring your Aries man, he will initially play it cool to imply that he understands your intentions and that your actions are not affecting him. He perceives it as a mental game you’re playing, and he willingly participates. Consequently, his only response to you ignoring him is to ignore you back.

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Initially, an Aries man may not even contemplate why you started avoiding him. After all, he is an Aries, and mind games are his forte.

However, after some time, your Aries man will begin to understand why you’re behaving this way and may request another chance while humbling himself. Of course, this only holds true if he genuinely cares about you. If he doesn’t, he may choose to end the relationship rather than accepting defeat.

He Gets Confused

If your Aries man genuinely cares about you, ignoring him will confuse him and disrupt his natural rhythm. His stubbornness and ego prevent him from delving into self-reflection, and he will demand answers instead. Aries men are known for their directness and aversion to mind games.

While an Aries man won’t resort to passive-aggressive behavior, he may become aggressive in his pursuit of answers. He has too much on his plate to waste time on personal matters. Even if your intention behind ignoring him was to give him space for introspection, your Aries man will likely interpret it differently.

He Gets Mad

Initially, an Aries man will attempt to distract himself by focusing on his own life and engaging in activities to take his mind off you. However, when he realizes that this is ineffective, anger will consume him. Surprisingly, he’ll be mad at himself because he recognizes that you’re winning this mind game.

An Aries man’s stubbornness prevents him from reaching out to you or resolving the situation. Your relationship will undoubtedly suffer, but the truth is, if you’re ignoring him, the relationship wasn’t healthy to begin with.

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There are two possible outcomes when you ignore an Aries man: it can either harm the relationship and lead to its demise, or it can make him acknowledge his mistreatment and significantly improve the relationship.

He’ll Miss You

After realizing his mistakes, an Aries man will start missing you. However, he won’t contact you right away as he needs time to sort out his thoughts and feelings. Once he decides how to demonstrate his remorse and convince you that he’ll never disrespect you again, you’ll witness a change in your Aries man’s behavior.

By ignoring an Aries man, you ensure that he recognizes what he stands to lose. The goal is to make him reflect on his behavior in the relationship. Once things settle down, he’ll become aware of his mistakes and understand that love alone isn’t enough; admiration, respect, and validation are equally important.

He’ll Chase You

The only reason an Aries man hasn’t chased you yet is because of his pride. However, eventually, he will cast aside his pride, realizing that you mean more to him than anything else. He’ll go to great lengths to show you that he can be a good partner. Remember, an Aries man is obstinate, so it may take some time for him to take that leap.

By ignoring him, you’re providing an Aries man with the time and space to acknowledge that he hasn’t treated you well in the past. If he genuinely loves you, he’ll change because he cannot bear the thought of losing you. He’ll never take you for granted again, as he realizes now that he can’t live without you. This journey may be challenging, but the outcome will prove worthwhile.

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If you need further guidance, I highly recommend Anna Kovach’s book, Aries Man Secrets. It’s an excellent resource for understanding Aries men.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when you ignore an Aries man:

  • He reciprocates.
  • He gets confused.
  • He gets mad.
  • He’ll miss you.
  • He’ll chase you.

Remember, understanding an Aries man’s nature and weaknesses is crucial in navigating the consequences of ignoring him. So, proceed with caution and make informed decisions.

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