The Truth About Putting Ice in Your Anus

Urban myths and legends have always fascinated us, captivating our imaginations and sparking curiosity. These stories often revolve around bizarre and outlandish practices that are believed to be true by those who share them. One such myth that has gained recent popularity involves putting ice cubes in someone’s anus as a supposed antidote for GHB overdose. Let’s dig deeper and separate fact from fiction.

The Hazards of Ice Cubes

To unravel the truth behind this practice, I reached out to Dr. David Caldicott, a renowned expert on GHB overdose from the Emergency Department of Royal Adelaide Hospital. According to Dr. Caldicott, there are no apparent physiological benefits to be gained from inserting ice cubes in the anus. In fact, there are several potential hazards to consider.

GHB, a known depressant, tends to lower blood pressure and pulse. Surprisingly, the insertion of something cold into the rectum does not cause blood pressure and pulse to rise. Instead, it can trigger a vagal reaction, where the vagus nerve (which slows the heart) is stimulated without a valid reason. This can lead to a decrease in blood flow to the brain, potentially resulting in seizures or even a stroke.

Moreover, unlike MDMA, there is no evidence to suggest that GHB interferes with the body’s temperature regulation mechanisms. Thus, cooling is not necessary in cases of GHB overdose. In fact, many overdose victims are already hypothermic upon arrival at the hospital, particularly during winter. Consequently, the misguided act of inserting ice cubes could actually cause more harm than good.

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Unforeseen Consequences

Dr. Caldicott also expressed concern over the potential for anal trauma and rectal incontinence when inserting foreign objects into an unconscious person’s rectum. The absence of consent or the ability to voice discomfort makes this practice ethically questionable. Instead of showing gratitude, the recipient of such an enema may be more likely to perceive it as sexual assault, leading to legal consequences rather than appreciation for the misguided first-aider’s intentions.

It is disheartening to see this myth gaining traction beyond mere humor. In the context of a club overdose, a person’s vulnerability is already embarrassing. Having others witness their incapacitated state, with pants around their ankles and people inserting ice cubes, further humiliates them and poses potential dangers. It is crucial to remind individuals that some acts should be left to trained medical professionals, and one should refrain from pretending to possess such expertise.

A Lesson in Responsibility

Ultimately, the key takeaway from this peculiar myth is that the best way to avoid negative consequences is to abstain from drug use altogether. Regardless of one’s familiarity with a substance, never underestimate the importance of responsible decision-making. Always prioritize personal well-being and seek professional help when needed.

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