What’s the Latest with Maggie and Rocky on The Little Couple?

The Little Couple

The Little Couple stars, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, have become household names, but what about their beloved pets, Maggie and Rocky? TLC fans have been wondering about the furry duo and their current whereabouts. Well, I’m here to put your worries to rest – Maggie and Rocky are alive and well! They are still an integral part of the Arnold-Klein family, who recently made a move to Boston. However, there was a recent shocking incident involving Maggie that left fans and her human companions deeply concerned. Let’s dive into the details.

The Little Couple – Maggie and Rocky Make Their Mark

Maggie and Rocky have achieved quite a bit of fame themselves. Not only have they made appearances on the TLC show, but Bill and his brother even opened a pet supplies shop and grooming parlor named after these adorable canines. Both Will and Zoey have developed a special bond with Maggie and Rocky, although at one point, Zoey seemed to have a soft spot for her grandma’s new puppy, a Biewer Terrier. But now, Zoey is there for Maggie, who recently experienced an accident, requiring surgery.

The Little Couple family recently relocated to Boston, bringing along their beloved pets. While they enjoy their new surroundings, they did take a trip back to Florida for a vacation. Now, they are back in Boston, and Maggie is receiving the necessary medical attention. Interestingly, the surgery might not be entirely related to their move to Boston, as Jen mentioned St. Petersburg as well.

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The Little Couple – An Unfortunate Accident for Maggie

On May 18, Jen took to her Instagram to share the shocking news with their devoted fans. Accompanied by a photo of Will, Rocky, Maggie, and Zoey in the car, Jen revealed that Maggie has been through numerous challenges over the years, including falling down their elevator shaft and surviving explorations across Gulf Blvd in St. Pete. She explained that they were taking Maggie to undergo dental surgery at a medical facility and requested prayers from their TLC fans for her speedy recovery.

The Little Couple Fans Shocked To Hear Pooch Maggie Had An Accident
Dr. Jen Arnold / Instagram

Naturally, many fans were left wondering how Maggie managed to fall down an elevator shaft, but Jen didn’t provide any additional details. This lack of information allowed fans’ imaginations to run wild, leaving them shocked and horrified. It’s unclear whether the accident happened recently or at some point in the past.

TLC Fans Share Their Concerns

Fans of The Little Couple expressed their heartfelt concerns for Maggie’s well-being. One fan shared their own worry, saying, “Falling down the elevator shaft? OMG, my dog rolled off the couch onto the carpet, and I freaked out.” Another alarmed fan asked about the specifics of the elevator shaft incident. In the past, fans would have expected to learn more about it in a new season of the show, but unfortunately, it’s uncertain whether there will be another season. The last time fans caught a glimpse of the family on TLC was back in 2019.

For now, all we can do as fans is send our prayers and well-wishes for Maggie’s swift recovery from her dental surgery. We eagerly await updates from Jen and Bill about Maggie’s progress. Stay tuned!

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