What Happened To Augustus Waters At The Gas Station

Video what happened to augustus waters at the gas station

An Unexpected Turn of Events

In this poignant chapter, we witness the harsh realities of Augustus Waters’ declining health as he battles terminal cancer. Hazel, our narrator, takes us through the heart-wrenching moments she spends with him, revealing the profound impact his illness has on both his physical and emotional well-being.

A Bittersweet Day

Hazel describes a typical day with Augustus, a shell of his former self. She arrives at his house to find him in a wheelchair, having already endured the agony of breakfast and its subsequent expulsion. As they retreat to the backyard, Augustus reminisces about Hazel’s swing set, highlighting the nostalgia that accompanies the inevitability of his impending demise. Despite the weight of their circumstances, they find solace in each other’s presence, eventually falling asleep together while listening to Augustus’s favorite band.

A Choking Incident

During their slumber, Hazel contemplates staging a choking incident, hoping that Augustus will heroically save her. This act would, in her mind, redeem any feelings of insignificance he may harbor about his own life. However, her empathy prevents her from carrying out this plan, as she fears the potential humiliation he might experience if he were to uncover her ruse. It is a poignant moment that underscores the difficulty of maintaining dignity when faced with the harsh reality of mortality.

A Grim Reality

A month after their return from Amsterdam, Hazel finds Augustus disoriented and incoherent in his bedroom, lying in his urine. Witnessing his helpless state, she can’t help but feel uncomfortable in his presence. As the game progresses, Augustus, weak and debilitated, expresses his frustration and disappointment, feeling as if his life will never be as extraordinary as he once hoped. Hazel, offended by his narrow definition of worth, reminds him that he is special to her and his loved ones, regardless of his fame or heroic deeds. They return to their game, momentarily escaping the heaviness of their shared reality.

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A Desperate Plea

Hazel’s night takes a dramatic turn when she receives a late-night call from Augustus, who desperately needs her help. She rushes to his aid, finding him covered in vomit at a gas station. The sight is a testament to the toll that his illness has taken on his body. Amidst the putrid air, Hazel realizes that Augustus’s G-tube is likely infected. As she calls for an ambulance, he expresses his desire to buy cigarettes, a small act of control in the face of imminent death. Through this desperate plea, Hazel witnesses the profound change in Augustus, as the vibrant and charismatic boy she once knew fades away.

The Unmasking of Augustus Waters

This chapter marks the end of the larger-than-life persona of “Augustus,” leaving behind only “Gus.” As Augustus’s health deteriorates, his larger-than-life personality diminishes, revealing the scared and vulnerable individual he truly is. The shifts in their dynamic are highlighted when Hazel refers to him as “Gus” instead of “Augustus,” signifying the deeper connection they have developed. At the gas station, Hazel witnesses the complete disappearance of the charismatic facade, replaced by a broken and pitiful boy, longing for release from his suffering.

The Value of a Life

Augustus’s physical decline prompts discussions between him and Hazel about the meaning and value of life. Augustus’s notion of value revolves around fame and heroic deeds, desiring a story worth telling even after his death. Hazel challenges this perspective, asserting that a person’s value is not determined by the opinions of strangers but by the impact they have on the lives of those closest to them. In this intimate exchange, Hazel emphasizes the importance of personal connections over external validation.

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Fiction as a Mirror to Reality

John Green, the author, subtly adds his reflections on the value of life through Augustus’s character. Augustus longs for a story that would mark his existence as significant, unaware that his own story is being told through the pages of this book. Green reminds us that even those who may not achieve fame or accomplish extraordinary feats still hold great value. Fiction, like this novel, allows us to shed light on the untold stories and deep-seated fears that plague real-life individuals.

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