What Is the Meaning of the Golden Heart on Tinder?

When you first dive into the world of Tinder, it can feel like you’ve been handed the controls of a spaceship that you’re expected to navigate. With so many features and updates constantly being added, it’s easy to get lost and wonder what each symbol means. That’s where we come in. At Dude Hack, we’re here to decipher Tinder’s mysteries and answer those burning questions that keep popping up. And one of the newest and most frequently asked questions is: “What does the yellow heart on Tinder mean?”

The Yellow Heart and Tinder Gold

The yellow heart, or as some might call it, the gold heart (depending on your phone screen’s quality), appears in a couple of different places on Tinder, all related to Tinder Gold. Here’s what it signifies:

A Tinder Gold User Swiped Right on You

When you see the yellow heart next to someone’s name and age on their profile, it means they have swiped right on your profile and are a subscriber to Tinder Gold or Platinum.

The Logo for Likes You

Some people may refer to the gold heart as the logo for “Likes You,” which is the heart with three lines. You’ll find this logo in your “New Matches” list at the top left of the screen, right above the number of likes you have. If you click through, you’ll be taken to a feed of users who have already swiped right on you. However, if you don’t have Tinder Gold or Platinum, their pictures will be blurred to protect their identities.

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You Liked Someone Through Likes You

If you have Tinder Gold and you like someone through the “Likes You” screen, the gold heart symbol will also appear on their profile and next to their name in messages. It won’t show up if you like someone through the normal feed unless they also have Tinder Gold.

Confusing? Perhaps a little, but it’s all part of the Tinder experience.

The Meaning Behind the Yellow Heart

Now that you know what the yellow heart signifies, let’s delve into why Tinder shows it to you in the first place. What do they hope to achieve?

When someone subscribes to Tinder Gold, it indicates that they are serious about dating. Likewise, if they have already swiped right on you and appeared in your “Likes You” feed, it means they’re interested in getting to know you or at least having a conversation. While many people mistakenly believe that free apps like Tinder are only for casual hookups, Tinder offers the yellow heart to help you identify individuals who are genuinely committed to finding a potential relationship. Of course, some users may still be looking for hookups, so it’s always best to have open and honest conversations with your matches. However, with a yellow/gold heart, you can be more confident that the person behind the profile is actively engaged on Tinder.

So, when you come across that yellow/gold heart, remember that someone has used all the tools Tinder provides and has swiped right on you. Will you swipe back?

The Cost of Tinder Gold

As you’ve probably guessed, the yellow heart on Tinder is closely tied to Tinder Gold. But how much does it cost?

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Tinder Gold is one of the app’s subscription services, along with Tinder Plus and Platinum. The price of Tinder Gold and Platinum varies based on your location, age, and the current date. As a general guideline, one month of Tinder Gold will cost you around $22.49, and Tinder Platinum is approximately $29.99 per month in the United States. With Tinder Gold, you unlock numerous premium features, including unlimited likes, rewinds, and super likes, as well as the ability to see who has liked you, boost your profile, and more.

Understanding Other Tinder Symbols

Now that you’ve got a handle on the meaning of the yellow heart, here are a few more mysterious symbols you’ll encounter on Tinder:

  • The Green Heart: Consider it the “like” button. Tap it when browsing profiles on the discovery screen to show your interest.
  • The Red X: The opposite of the green heart, this symbol indicates that you’re not interested in the profile you’re viewing.
  • The Blue Star: It represents a super like. You can find it on the discovery page, next to the green heart. A super like notifies the recipient before they even swipe you and can help you stand out.
  • The Purple Lightning Bolt: This premium feature is the icon for Tinder Boost and Super Boost. By using it, your profile will receive a temporary boost in visibility for 30 minutes or three hours, leading to more views and potential matches.
  • Rewind: Another premium feature, the rewind button rescues you from accidentally swiping left on a potential match. It allows you to undo your last action, whether it was a like, dislike, or even a super like. This feature is unlimited if you have Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum.
  • The Blue Shield: If you encounter someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or acts inappropriately, tap the blue shield icon on their profile to report or unmatch with them.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope this article has shed some light on the language of love, or more specifically, the language of Tinder. While it can be confusing at times, understanding the meaning behind these symbols can enhance your Tinder experience. However, if your heart hasn’t found what it’s looking for on Tinder, it might be time to explore other dating options. Take Dude Hack’s free dating app quiz to discover a new platform where you can swipe your way to a solid gold match. And remember, you can always find more informative articles on various topics at 5 WS.

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