What Does “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle, It Folds” Mean?

Video what does my money don't jiggle jiggle it folds meaning

“My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle It Folds” has recently gained popularity as a TikTok trend and meme. It originated from journalist Louis Theroux’s amateur rap track created in 2000. The song’s lyrics are simple and straightforward, but they have become a hit on social media due to the associated memes and challenges. In the song, Theroux emphasizes that his money remains stable and doesn’t fluctuate.

This trend exemplifies how social media and the internet can turn a minor event or song into a viral sensation. It showcases the power of the masses in making something popular.

The Creation Story

Before TikTok became well-known, Louis Theroux, a journalist working for the BBC in the 2000s, explored his rap skills during the filming of his multi-part project called “Strange Weekend.” In one episode, he performed alongside African-American rappers at a radio station. Although this episode was forgotten for many years, Theroux’s rap resurfaced in 2018 when he performed it on another radio station. Nevertheless, it was his appearance on the “Chicken Shop Date” program with Amelia Dimoldenberg in 2022 that brought him renewed attention. During the interview, Dimoldenberg asked him about his rapping talent, and Theroux gladly performed the same rap he did twenty years ago. This rediscovery of his rap revived its popularity through the TikTok trend “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle.” Theroux’s story illustrates that no talent should be forgotten, and anyone can become a star at any moment in life.

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On March 16, 2022, musicians Duke and Jones decided to experiment and remixed a portion of Louis Theroux’s rap interview, adding autotune and beats to create a unique track. Though they didn’t expect it to go viral, the remix became a massive hit. Within the first two months, it garnered 7.2 million likes and received tens of millions of views. This sound quickly became a TikTok trend in April, resulting in 3.6 million videos featuring this music.

Recognizing the track’s success, Amelia Dimoldenberg, the host of the show where Theroux performed his rap, joined many TikTokers and danced to the Duke and Jones remix on March 31, 2022. Several moves, such as arm shaking, chest shaking, basketball dribbling, and driving a car, were popularized by the lyrics.

In April 2022, the track “wiggle, wiggle, and fold” became a sensation on TikTok. Users created dance videos to the music, including both ordinary users and well-known TikTokers. Early on, George Larkeybutors posted a video dancing to the track, earning over 2 million views and 388,000 likes. Shortly after, TikToker Jessqualter’s video with a friend garnered over 23 million views and 3.5 million likes.

In addition to dance videos, TikTok users started incorporating the track into videos featuring their pets. A video of a dog hobbling towards its owner earned over 4 million views and 549,000 likes. Another video showcasing a hedgehog in a tub received over 25 million views and 5.7 million likes.

Due to the audio’s viral nature, the BBC reposted the original clip from October 2000 on their TikTok channel, resulting in over 8 million views and 1 million likes within two weeks. Overall, the track became a huge hit on TikTok and continued to gain popularity in the following months.

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The Meaning Behind the Song

This song is a typical example of hip hop, where the artist reflects on their life, success, and how they handle criticism and harassment.

In the first stanza, the performer discusses how their money remains stable and accumulates, symbolizing financial confidence and success. They also express enjoyment in seeing their fans groove to their music, which fuels their desire to continue rapping.

Moving to the second stanza, they acknowledge that life can be challenging and constricted, but they find ways to relax and enjoy it. Furthermore, they respond to critics by asserting that they write their rhymes in a castle and no one can suppress their creativity.

In the chorus, they reiterate their delight in witnessing people groove to their music, which empowers them.

In general, the song indicates that the performer is self-assured in their abilities and doesn’t allow critics and persecutors to diminish their self-esteem and motivation.

Interpreting the Song’s Lyrics

Being a song, the meaning of its lyrics can vary depending on the listener’s context and personal perception. However, we can offer the following analysis:

The opening lines suggest that the performer possesses something monumental and awe-inspiring that captures public attention. They then describe their growing wealth, demonstrating financial stability instead of vulnerability. Additionally, they express joy in watching people sway to their music, which inspires them to continue creating and performing.

Later in the song, the performer mentions a rhyme composed in a castle, likely during a period of confinement. They also assert that those who try to insult them will soon regret it and face legal consequences. They criticize the police, emphasizing their inability to arrest them.

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The final segment of the song returns to describing the artist’s financial stability and their delight in seeing people groove to their music. They mention their comfortable driving experience in a Fiat, despite their height. They also know how to unwind while sipping red wine.

Overall, the song combines elements of self-promotion, descriptions of success and prosperity, and criticism of the system and the police. However, as with any song, its interpretation relies on the listener’s perception and the context in which it is heard.

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