Live Location in Find My Friends: Explained

Find My is an essential feature within the Apple ecosystem, and with the release of iOS 15, Apple has made significant improvements to the Find My network. Alongside a range of new features, Apple has enhanced the location sharing experience on the Find My app. For the first time ever, iOS users can now view the Live Location of their friends, which has the potential to be a game-changer.

What is Live in Find My Friends?

With Find My, you have the ability to track the current location of your friends and family, provided they have given you permission to do so. Live Location takes it a step further by offering real-time updates. With Live on iOS 15, you can now see the exact whereabouts of your friends, including every stop they make and any detours they take.

What Does ‘Live’ Mean on Find My Friends on iOS 15 on iPhone?

According to Apple, Live Location in Find My Friends enhances the security of iPhones, and we mostly agree with their sentiment. To see what your friends are up to, simply open the Find My app and go to the ‘People’ tab. Keep in mind that you must also share your own location in order to view the whereabouts of your friends.

How is Live Location different from Location Sharing in previous iOS versions?

In iOS 15, Live Location revolutionizes the way you track your friends within the Find My app. Previously, the location of your friends in the app would periodically refresh, making it difficult to track moving objects.

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Now, with Live Location enabled in iOS 15, you can effortlessly monitor the real-time movement of your friends and family. Apple believes that this update to the Find My app will make it easier for users to stay connected with one another.

Does Live Location improve security?

Live Location can be a lifesaver if you have minors in your friend group or someone who has a tendency to wander. It provides you with information about speed, direction, and movement, offering a clear picture of where your friend may be heading.

While WhatsApp introduced the Live Location sharing option some time ago, Apple’s integration of Live Location in the Find My app is much more seamless.

Can you turn Live Location off?

With Live Location as an enhancement over the previous periodic location updates, there is no option to use Location Sharing without Live Location. If you choose to share your location on the Find My app, you will inevitably be sharing your Live Location.

To turn off Live Location and Location Sharing, you will need to stop Location Sharing altogether. Simply click here to learn more about how to stop Location Sharing.


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