What It Really Means When You Drop the Blunt

Have you ever experienced the moment when someone says, “drop the blunt”? Perhaps you’ve literally dropped the blunt on the ground before. But what does it actually mean when you drop the blunt? Are there any rules to follow? Is it a big mistake? Are there any consequences? Let’s delve into the meaning of dropping the blunt, explore some weed etiquette, and uncover common stoner terminology as well.

Dropping The Blunt: Decoding the Meaning

To put it simply, if you drop the blunt, it means you’re either extremely clumsy or already pretty baked. However, if the blunt was rolled properly, it should be totally fine and shouldn’t be damaged when it hits the ground. Some old school stoners have a rule that if you drop the blunt, you get a punch in the arm. Apart from that, dropping the blunt doesn’t hold much significance.

Some people may claim that dropping the blunt refers to the person who provides the blunt wrap, i.e., “I don’t have any weed to contribute, but I can drop the blunt.” Although, this terminology is not widely used 5 WS.

Weed Smoking Etiquette: The Unspoken Code

For those new to smoking weed, there are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind. While stoners are generally laid-back people, there is a certain level of respect involved. Just as kings and queens have dinner etiquette and there are escalator protocols to follow, stoners have their own set of rules.

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So, what are some basic stoner etiquette rules when smoking a blunt with others? Let’s take a look:

  • If you don’t have weed to contribute to the mix, it’s expected that you at least purchase the blunt wrap itself.
  • If you haven’t pitched any weed for the blunt, you have no right to complain about the quality, quantity, or your position in the rotation.
  • “Rollers rights” is a significant stoner etiquette rule, implying that the person who rolled the blunt takes the first hit.
  • Once the blunt is rolled, someone who contributed some pot can say “deuce,” securing the second spot in the rotation after the roller. The order is usually determined this way.
  • If you call “deuce” before the blunt has been rolled, you automatically get the last place in the rotation.
  • If you haven’t contributed any weed to the blunt, those who did will generally exclude you from the first few rotations. However, real stoners will eventually share some hits with you, just not typically during the initial rounds. Those who contributed always get priority.
  • If a blunt is canoed (burning faster on one side), you have to “ring it” by using saliva to create a ring around the front. This helps slow down the faster-burning section, ensuring an even burn.

Decoding Common Stoner Terminology

To avoid feeling left out of the loop, it’s essential to understand the significant words, terms, and slang used by pot smokers. Here are some of the most commonly used terms:

  • Baked/Fried: To be very high.
  • Blunt: A large brown rolling paper made from tobacco or hemp leaves.
  • Bush: Poor quality weed.
  • Cherry: The lit part of the joint, blunt, or bowl, the burning front.
  • Cottom Mouth/Pasties: When marijuana causes your mouth to become dry.
  • Deuce: A term used to call second in line in the rotation when smoking.
  • Dime: $10 worth of marijuana.
  • Half Quarter/Eighth: An eighth of an ounce of weed, sometimes called a half quarter.
  • Hot Box: Smoking inside a closed space like a bathroom, closet, or car.
  • Quarter: 7 grams of weed, a quarter ounce.
  • Nickel: $5 worth of marijuana.
  • Nug: A small chunk of marijuana.
  • Rollers Rights: The privilege of the person who rolled it to be the first to smoke.
  • Shake: The crumbs and leaves of weed left over in a bag.
  • Skunk: A strain of weed, sometimes used to describe very stinky weed.
  • Spliff/Joint: A marijuana cigarette rolled in traditional rolling papers.
  • Trees: Another term for marijuana.
  • Twist: To roll a joint or blunt.
  • Zip: An ounce of weed.
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Dropping the Blunt in a Relationship

When it comes to relationships, dropping the blunt carries a more sinister meaning. It typically signifies that your partner may be cheating on you with someone else. It refers to unfaithfulness in a relationship, and the person who dropped the blunt often calls their partner immediately to find out who they are with.

Conclusion: Embracing the Stoner Lifestyle

As you can see, being a true stoner comes with a set of etiquettes and a unique vocabulary. By following stoner rules and familiarizing yourself with the terminology, you can become an accepted part of the group. So, grab a blunt and enjoy the experience, keeping in mind the unwritten code of the stoner community.

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