What Does It Mean When the Sky Turns Orange?

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Exploring the Bizarre Phenomenon and Its Implications


The sky being orange is not something you can ignore. As Americans, we excel at compartmentalizing our emotions, as evident in our collective lack of mourning for the 190,000 lives lost. We are adept at pretending that everything is normal, even when it clearly isn’t. However, the queasy ochre light that enveloped the Bay on Wednesday couldn’t be brushed aside. It seemed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, from reading about Bob Woodward’s book to enjoying a simple Coke. Even Trump’s praise for Kim Jong-un was accompanied by an orange sky. Stepping outside, one could confirm that, despite the apocalyptic visuals, the air quality was surprisingly better than during the weeks of scorching heat and suffocating smoke.

The Reason Behind the Orange Sky

The orange hue in the sky is a result of suspended smoke particles in the atmosphere. This smoke layer filters out the blue light, leaving the sky with a distinctive orange color. It may be reassuring to know that the air quality is not as dire as it seems. Although the sky may be orange, the fact that the air is relatively cool and cleaner than before is what truly matters. So, even if the sky doesn’t appear normal, it’s essential to embrace the positive aspects amidst the chaos. You might even find yourself jokingly telling your partner that you’ll go out and ring a bell, crying for people to come to their senses and remember what truly matters.

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Trying to Comprehend the Unusual Phenomenon

Explaining the orange sky to inquisitive children can be challenging for parents who are accustomed to answering questions about why the sky is blue. It’s not just the color, but also the darkness that unnerves us. When you step outside, there’s a part of you that expects to feel the warmth of the sun, but on an orange sky day, that sensation is absent. It’s as if your body, your skin, and your eyes are yearning for the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, solar-powered devices confirm that very little sunlight is penetrating the orange sky. This lack of sunlight creates an eerie feeling, similar to experiencing darkness at noon. You may even attempt to connect this orange-hued gloom to John Milton’s reference to a “darkness visible” in his depiction of Hell. However, you know deep down that this is not actually Hell, as the experts have assured us that the air quality is only “moderate.”

Coping with the Unexpected

Interestingly, you may find yourself more unsettled by the orange sky than the smoke itself. Over time, you’ve learned how to navigate the challenges posed by the smoke. Initially, it was terrifying, as the smoky air felt heavy and suffocating. Breathing didn’t quite feel satisfying anymore. However, you adapted by taking precautions and implementing technologies to protect yourself and your loved ones. You learned to close doors and windows, run air filters, and wear N95 masks. Despite the inconveniences and dangers of the smoke, it lacked the uncanny horror of an orange sky.

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A Changing Environment

Recalling your childhood near the Sacramento River, you never heard anyone speak of a “fire season.” Your region faced different emergencies, such as earthquakes, droughts, and floods. People coped with droughts by resorting to measures that seemed extreme at the time, like placing milk cartons and bricks in toilets or modifying shower nozzles to conserve water. However, the green lawns and full swimming pools seemed to contradict the severity of the situation. It was a stark reminder of how humans tend to ignore pressing issues until they directly impact their daily lives.

The Perplexity of an Orange Sky

When the sky is orange, everything you expect to see is absent. There is no obvious cause like smoke or poisonous gases. Moreover, the sun itself seems to have vanished. This incongruity between what your senses perceive and what they anticipate creates a deep sense of unease. As you confide in your friend, Rahawa Haile, you both realize that this surreal experience resembles what one might imagine life on another planet to be like. It’s not just the fear of the fires themselves but also the struggle to process the unfamiliarity of the situation. Even though you both possess the facts, rationalizing your emotions in the face of an orange sky becomes a humbling admission.

Seeking Solutions

In an attempt to cope with the disconcerting orange sky, you resort to a human-made solution, pulling down the shades to create the illusion of night. Unfortunately, this proves ineffective. Perhaps, with time, we will learn to adapt to orange skies as well. After all, adapting is what humans do best.

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Climate change remains a tragedy that is difficult to comprehend fully. It forces us to confront our primal instincts before our rational minds can grasp the severity of the situation. The devastating California wildfires serve as a grim reminder of the worsening crisis. Although statistics highlight the record-breaking scale of these fires, numbers alone fail to resonate emotionally. They remain abstract figures in the backdrop of an orange sky that defies expectations.

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