What Does Rain at a Funeral Mean?

Rain at a funeral is often seen as a symbol of good luck and holds deep spiritual significance. It is believed to be a sign that the deceased has entered heaven and that God is shedding tears of joy at their arrival. In some superstitions, rain is also interpreted as God sharing the sorrow of those who are mourning the death. Let’s explore the various meanings behind rain at a funeral.

Rain as a Bringer of Good Luck

Across many cultures, rain is associated with life, fertility, and renewal, making it a symbol of good luck. Its soothing effect is thought to put us in the right frame of mind to attract more luck into our lives. While rain is sometimes portrayed as a symbol of sadness in movies and books, it is more commonly linked to rebirth and growth. The feelings of cleansing and renewal that rain brings offer us peace and relief from mourning. This positive connotation may be the reason behind the superstitions surrounding rain and funerals. So, even though rain on a already sad day may seem gloomy, it is believed to bring good luck to both the deceased and the mourners.

Rain during a Funeral

The presence of rain during a funeral signifies different meanings. It is considered a symbol of admittance to heaven for the deceased. However, rain during the funeral ceremony might also be seen as a foreboding sign of another death in the family. On the other hand, rain after a funeral, particularly if accompanied by a rainbow, is seen as an affirmation that the departed soul is resting in peace with God. Raindrops are believed to be tears from heaven, honoring the profound loss experienced by the mourners. Similarly, the appearance of a rainbow after a rainstorm is seen as a good sign, offering further comfort that the deceased is now in the embrace of God.

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Rain on an Open Casket

There is a superstition that if it rains on an open casket, it indicates the possibility of someone else in the family passing away within the next year. This belief can be easily avoided by not exposing the casket to the rain, especially when the weather is cloudy and heavy with precipitation.

Rain and Thunder at Funerals

In some regions, rain is often accompanied by thunder and lightning, which also play a role in the superstitions surrounding rain and funerals. A loud thunderclap at the end of a funeral service is seen as a sign that the departed soul has been accepted into heaven. It signifies the successful completion of their journey through the afterlife. Conversely, if thunder booms during the ceremony, it is believed that the deceased was not accepted into heaven and will spend eternity in hell. These associations with thunder add another layer of mystique to the symbolism of rain during funerals.

Rain and its Significance in Different Religions

In Hinduism, rain is believed to play a significant role in the journey of the soul. It is thought that raindrops act as a pathway for the soul to travel to its new body. As rain falls to the ground and is absorbed by plants, the souls can be reborn through human birth when the plants are consumed. Thus, rain is considered a positive omen at funerals in Hinduism.

According to biblical references, rain at a funeral carries a dual meaning. Some mourners believe that rain represents God’s joy at one of His beloved entering heaven, while others interpret raindrops as God’s tears of sadness, expressing empathy for those left behind in their grief. The Bible emphasizes that God is in control of all situations, including rain and storms. Rain at a funeral is viewed as a manifestation of God shedding tears, which may signify both His sadness for the mourners and His joy at the arrival of a soul in heaven. This understanding can provide comfort to the bereaved, as it reveals the compassionate nature of a loving God.

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Superstitions Associated with Weather and Death

Various superstitions surrounding death and weather have been prevalent throughout history. These beliefs extend beyond funerals and highlight the connection between weather signs and death. Here are a few examples:

  • If the sun breaks through on a cloudy day and illuminates only one mourner’s face, it is believed that the person whose face is lit will be the next to die.
  • If the sun shines on the entire group of mourners at a funeral, it is believed that the deceased has swiftly and surely entered heaven.
  • Rain shortly after a death is seen as a cleansing of the departed soul. This sudden outburst of clouds brings comfort to grieving families.
  • If a rainbow arches over a house, it is believed that someone in the household will die within a week.
  • Raindrops during a funeral are thought to be the tears of angels crying for the deceased.

Rain and Grief

For those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, finding comfort in the skies is not uncommon. Signs of angels in the clouds and the presence of rain can provide solace during the grieving process, reminding us of the interconnectedness of life and the enduring bond with those who have passed away. The majestic sunrise evokes gratitude for another day, even as we remember our departed loved ones. Rainbows serve as gentle reminders of the beauty left behind by our loved ones and assure us of their eternal love.


The significance of rain at funerals becomes apparent when we open our hearts to the natural world. Rain is believed to symbolize harvest, and with time, patience, and nurturing, our hearts can heal even in the face of death. Rain offers a cleansing and healing reprieve, reminding us that life continues to blossom even in the midst of grief. It serves as a comforting reminder that our loved ones are at peace and that rain is a blessing—a gift from the heavens that quenches the earth’s thirst and offers us the gift of life. So, the next time you see rain at a funeral, take a moment to appreciate its profound symbolism and find solace in its transformative power.

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