Gt in Dragon Ball Gt: Explained by Akira Toriyama

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The Intriguing Meaning Behind the Acronym

Dragon Ball GT, although not considered part of Akira Toriyama’s canon, still captivates the curiosity of fans and inquisitive minds. Kanzenshuu, a dedicated franchise page, revealed that Toriyama had limited involvement in the main storyline and secondary arcs. However, he did have a direct hand in choosing the acronym GT. So, what does GT stand for?

Unveiling the Meaning

Unlike the DBS saga, Toriyama distanced himself from artistic decisions. Nevertheless, similar to the “Z” in the previous saga, he crafted the acronym “GT” for this particular part of the anime. According to Toriyama himself, GT stands for “Grand Touring,” which refers to embarking on a grand tour. In the Dragon Box GT packages that contained the DVDs of this franchise, Toriyama explained that he wanted to convey the idea of the characters touring the universe. This aligns with the series’ premise, where Goku, accompanied by Trunks and Pan, ventures into space to explore the dragon balls beyond Earth’s reach.

Additional Interpretations

Apart from Toriyama’s explanation, there is another theory proposed in the GT Perfect File Vol. 1. The magazine suggests that GT could also signify “Galaxy Touring,” which resonates with the story arcs of the saga. However, since Toriyama himself did not mention this interpretation, it remains unofficial.

Toriyama’s Role in Dragon Ball GT

Toriyama clarifies his involvement in Dragon Ball GT in the introduction of the Dragon Box GT. He states that his contributions included devising the title, designing the primary cast and some machinery, and creating a few images. Fortunately, his limited involvement facilitated easy documentation by his fan community. Additionally, Toriyama crafted a preliminary design for the Dragon Ball GT logo, which appeared in GT Perfect File Vol. 2. This design closely resembled the final logo.

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Dragon Ball GT Origin

Toriyama also tackled the character designs for Goku, Trunks, and Pan, but encountered a challenge as they were not originally designed in color. Furthermore, he updated the appearances of the main cast “several years later,” including the infamous mustachioed Vegeta, featured in GT Perfect File Vol. 1.

Dragon Ball GT Origin

Toriyama further treated fans with colorful depictions of Goku, Pan, and Trunks. One image showcased them in vibrant hues, while another displayed Goku in alternate colors from his final design in Dragon Ball GT. Additionally, Toriyama played a part in the design of Giru, the small companion robot. The original artwork was reprinted in Weekly Shōnen Jump No. 52, 1995, and later featured in Daizenshuu 7 and the GT books. Perfect File.

Given Toriyama’s involvement, it’s evident that his artistic touch left an indelible mark on Dragon Ball GT.

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