What Eren Saw When He Kissed Historia’s Hand

Video what does eren see when he kissed historia's hand

Unveiling the Hidden Memories

Titan inheritors typically gain fragments of their predecessors’ memories, usually triggered by specific criteria. In Eren’s case, possessing the Founding Titan allows him to access his past memories when in contact with the royal bloodline. This phenomenon has occurred twice in the series: once when Rod and Historia Reiss touched him in the underground chapel, and again when he kissed Historia’s hand during her coronation.

While the exact memories Eren experienced during the second instance were not revealed at that time, his subsequent expression revealed their profound significance. From the limited information provided in Attack on Titan Season 3, Episode 22, Manga Chapter 90, it appears that Eren witnessed Grisha’s memories of murdering the Reiss family in the chapel.

Eren’s Vision Unveiled

To fully comprehend what Eren saw when he kissed Historia’s hand, we need to consider three crucial factors. Firstly, the Attack Titan possesses a unique ability to see the future or the memories of its future inheritors. Unlike other Titan shifters who randomly access past memories, the Attack Titan can receive glimpses of both past and future inheritors under certain conditions.

However, whether these future memories have the power to alter the timeline remains unconfirmed, leaving open the possibility of a closed time loop in Attack on Titan. During his battle with Frieda Reiss’s Founding Titan, Grisha witnessed a memory belonging to a future Eren. This particular scene or memory, assumed to be connected to the rumbling, remains uncertain.

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Secondly, we must consider the timelines involved. Grisha murdered the Reiss family and acquired the Founding Titan in the year 845. During this incident, he saw memories from a future Eren. Historia’s coronation took place in the year 850, and Chapter 121 of Attack on Titan occurs in the year 854 or 855. Grisha witnessed one of Eren’s future memories from the year 854, as well as another memory of a “scenery” even further ahead (likely related to the rumbling).

Lastly, in Chapter 121, Zeke and Eren explore Grisha Yeager’s memories using the power of the Founding Titan. They stumble upon Grisha’s memory of killing the Reiss family. However, the series takes a major twist, revealing that Eren actually coerced Grisha into committing the act.

So, to answer the question, when Eren kissed Historia’s hand during her coronation, he witnessed Grisha Yeager killing the Reiss family in the year 845, along with the future memory that Grisha himself had seen while battling Frieda Reiss. Essentially, Eren glimpsed the future through Grisha’s eyes during that moment.

The Source of Eren’s Shock and Anger

Upon witnessing these future memories, Eren learns that Grisha initially chose not to kill the Reiss family. It was only after seeing the future memories of Eren that Grisha altered his decision. This revelation has sparked speculations about Eren’s ability to impact or alter the past, as well as the existence of a time loop in Attack on Titan.

Nevertheless, what truly ignites Eren’s anger is Grisha’s plea to Zeke to stop him. Grisha recognizes the dark path that Eren has embarked upon and wants to prevent the future he witnessed from unfolding. Eren’s shocked expression stems from the fact that, through Grisha’s eyes, he also saw the “scenery” that awaited them in the future. If this memory indeed pertains to the rumbling, it signifies widespread devastation. Eren’s shock may stem from the realization that he will bring about mass genocide in the future, with no conceivable way to prevent it. Ironically, he desires its occurrence.

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What are your thoughts on the “scenery” mentioned by Grisha? How do you believe it triggered such a drastic transformation in Eren? Share your opinions in the comments section!

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