How to Obtain Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft

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Venture down to the End to get Dragon's Breath.


Today, let’s discuss the Ender Dragon, a familiar presence in Minecraft. Defeating this formidable boss is essential for unlocking late-game content and completing your Minecraft journey. However, did you know that this dangerous creature has more to offer than just a trophy for display? The Ender Dragon is the sole source of a vital alchemy ingredient in the game called Dragon’s Breath.

In order to acquire Dragon’s Breath from the Ender Dragon, you must confront the dragon while it is still alive. Here, we will delve into the details of how to obtain Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft.

How to Obtain Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft

To obtain Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft Survival mode, you need to venture into the End biome. Before embarking on this expedition, it is advisable to make some preparations.

#1. Prepare weapons, Ender Eyes, and glass bottles

To access the End biome, you must locate a Stronghold within your Minecraft world. Once you find the Stronghold, explore the area to find the End Portal. This portal serves as your gateway into the End realm. Additionally, ensure that you have at least 10 Ender Eyes with you. These eyes will guide you to the nearest Stronghold, and the End Portal requires them to function properly.

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To collect Dragon’s Breath, bring along some glass bottles. Collect sand from nearby rivers or beaches, smelt it into glass, and craft as many bottles as you can.

Remember, these are the two essential items you must possess before entering the End Portal: Ender Eyes and glass bottles.

Make as many glass bottles as you want.

Additionally, it is recommended to upgrade your weapons and armor. Additionally, bring some regenerative items. For battling the Ender Dragon, we suggest the following loadout:

  • Snowballs/Bow and arrows
  • Netherite armor
  • Netherite sword and axe
  • Water bucket
  • Golden apples and golden carrots

#2. Enter the End

Insert the Ender Eyes into the empty slots surrounding the End Portal to reactivate it. Once the portal opens, jump straight in. From there, you need to dig your way up and explore the realm while avoiding eye contact with the Endermen. These creatures are shy and despise being stared at.

Jump into the End whenever you're ready.

#3. Collect Dragon’s Breath

To obtain Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft, allow the Ender Dragon to attack you and dodge its attacks. When the dragon exhales its breath at you, quickly right-click empty glass bottles to collect the Dragon’s Breath. Remember, your primary objective is not to defeat the Ender Dragon but to obtain its breath.

Keep the Ender Dragon alive for as long as possible to collect the maximum amount of Dragon’s Breath. Once you have collected enough, you can then proceed to defeat the dragon. If you do not defeat the Ender Dragon, you will be unable to retain the Dragon’s Breath you have collected.

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Right-click the bottles to collect Dragon's Breath.

What is Dragon’s Breath used for in Minecraft?

Dragon’s Breath is utilized to create a valuable item known as the Lingering Potion. This potion variant is distinct from regular splash potions, as it leaves clouds with lingering status effects when thrown onto the ground within an area.

To craft a Lingering Potion, you need a Splash potion of any kind and a bottle of Dragon’s Breath.

The status effect cloud initially spans a radius of three blocks, gradually diminishing to zero over a duration of 30 seconds. When a player or mob enters the cloud after the first second, they acquire the corresponding status effect. However, the duration of the status effect is only 1/4 of that provided by the corresponding potion.

A lingering potion can apply the effect to a large group.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dragon’s Breath

Here are answers to some common questions about Dragon’s Breath:

#1. How can I obtain Dragon’s Breath after killing the Ender Dragon?

Answer: To acquire more Dragon’s Breath, you must either summon another Ender Dragon using its egg or utilize commands to spawn Dragon’s Breath.

Collect all the breath you need in one go.

#2. How can I farm Dragon’s Breath?

Answer: If you desire more Dragon’s Breath, keep the Ender Dragon alive for as long as possible to maximize the collection of its breath. However, if you have ample time to spare, you can consider constructing the contraption demonstrated in the accompanying video.

#3. Can I consume Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft?

Answer: In the vanilla version of Minecraft, you cannot consume Dragon’s Breath.

That concludes everything you need to know about obtaining Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft. For more valuable gaming articles, visit the 5 WS website.

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