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what does corn look like when it first starts growing

Corn, like any other plant, goes through several stages of growth. Each stage has its own unique characteristics that help us understand how the corn plants are progressing.

So, what does corn look like when it first starts growing? Well, it has a deep green color. The first sprouts of corn resemble flaky, dry skin. Additionally, you’ll notice that the sprouts of corn are larger in size compared to other plants, without any leaves.

These common signs are helpful in identifying the initial growth of corn in your garden. But let’s delve into more details about the signs to make it easier for you to identify the first sprouts of corn.

What Does Corn Look Like When It First Starts Growing?

The first stage of corn growth is called VE, meaning “emergence.” This stage is crucial as it signifies the start of growth and requires certain steps to be taken. In this section, we will highlight some key points to help you easily identify when your corn plants have just begun to grow.

  • Deep Green Color: When corn first starts growing, it appears deep green in color. This is a clear indication that it has reached the VE emergence stage. As the corn progresses to the next stages, its color may change.

  • No Leaves: At this stage, you won’t find any fully developed leaves. Instead, the plant’s coleoptile is visible, which gradually gives rise to leaves. In rare cases, you might spot some leaves, but they won’t be fully developed.

  • Small Size: When corn first sprouts, it appears relatively small. However, it is still larger compared to other plants like zucchini or potatoes. This size difference makes it easier to identify corn in its initial stage among other plants in your garden.

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These three points should be sufficient for identifying the first growth stage of corn. If you still find it confusing, you can always seek help from an expert.

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How Long Does Corn Take to Grow?

Corn is a non-self-pollination plant, which means it takes a considerable amount of time to grow. On average, you can expect to wait 2-3 months for your corn plants to reach full growth. However, with proper care, you can expedite the growth process.

To help your corn plants grow faster and yield results more quickly, consider the following factors:

  • Proper Water Drainage: Regularly clean and maintain the water drainage system, ensuring your plants receive adequate water.

  • Balanced Soil pH: Keep the pH of the soil balanced and monitor it regularly using a pH meter.

  • Fertilizer: Provide sufficient fertilizer. Using composted fertilizer is recommended to promote faster growth.

  • Pest and Insect Control: Implement measures to control pests and insects, safeguarding your plants from damage.

By implementing these four points, you can speed up the growth of your corn plants. Generally, you can expect to harvest corn within 2-3 months.

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Corn Growth Stages by Days

Corn has multiple growth stages that act as indicators of your corn plant’s progress. To better understand the growth levels of your corn, refer to the following table:

Days Stage
1 VE
7 V1
14 V2
21 V3
28 V4
35 V5
42 V6
49 V7
56 V8
63 V9
70 V10
77 V11
84 V12
91 VT
98 R1
116 R2
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This chart will aid you in comprehending the various stages of corn growth. Additionally, you can refer to the image below to visualize each stage of corn.

Corn growth stages

Image source: Krugerseed

How Long Does It Take for Corn to Grow from Seed to Harvest?

From seed to harvest, corn typically takes 90 to 120 days. This period is often referred to as the “seed to emergence” stage. However, it’s important to note that several factors can influence the actual timeframe, including heat, fertilizer, water, weather, and more.

If you take proper care of your corn plants, such as ensuring they receive adequate water and fertilizer while maintaining a balanced soil pH, you can expect a quicker harvest.

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What Does Corn Look Like in the Early Stage?

The early stage of corn is known as the “emergence” stage (VE). During this stage, corn plants exhibit a deep green color, with no leaves visible.

In this stage, it takes around 4 to 5 days for the corn to progress to the next stage. Additionally, the plant remains small in size and requires less water.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: What does corn look like on a plant?

  • A: Corn plants appear large in size, with a deep green color. Additionally, you will notice large leaves covering the fruits.

  • Q: What does corn look like before it’s ready?

  • A: Corn that is ready for harvest appears oily and milky. You can identify readiness by the presence of milky liquid. Once you see this, you can pick the corn without any issues.

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Wrapping Up!

Corn is a popular fruit plant in the gardening industry. It has distinct characteristics that set it apart from other plants. When corn begins to grow, you’ll notice its deep green color, absence of leaves, and flaky appearance. By understanding the different stages of corn growth discussed above, you can better identify the signs and take appropriate action for optimal corn plant growth.

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