What Do You Call a Deer With No Eyes?

There’s an old, sophomoric joke that I can’t help but share. It goes like this…

Q.: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
A.: No-eye deer.

Q.: What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
A.: Still. No-eye deer.

Q.: What do you call a deer with no eyes, no legs, and no ears?
A.: Can’t hear. Still. No-eye deer.

Q.: What do you call a deer with no eyes, no legs, no ears, and no genitalia?
A.: Can’t hear. Still. No fucking eye deer.

The joke might be silly, but it serves as a metaphor for the administration’s reluctance to admit its mistake in proposing a stimulus package that was too small. The refusal to acknowledge this error prevents them from advocating for additional help from fiscal authorities, leaving distressed households without the support they desperately need.

The Administration’s Mistake

The administration cannot bring itself to argue for more help, even though it would have been better for the economy. Republicans blocked any attempts at providing additional stimulus, exacerbating the economic downturn. However, by refusing to admit its mistake, the administration has missed the opportunity to clearly identify the party obstructing aid for struggling households.

Economists like Mark Thoma and Paul Krugman have criticized the administration’s lack of action and refusal to change course. They believe that it’s essential for the administration to confront the reality of the situation and push for job creation programs. Instead, they have adopted a strategy of putting on a happy face and hoping for better news.

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Class Inequality and Social Security

Krugman suggests that the Democratic Party’s willingness to consider cutting Social Security benefits stems from a lack of understanding about the consequences. Many centrist Democrats are misguided in their belief that aligning with Republicans on this issue will garner support. In reality, it is a political disaster waiting to happen, as Republicans will exploit the opportunity to portray themselves as the defenders of Social Security.

Krugman proposes that the Democratic Party’s stance on Social Security is influenced by class inequality. Democrats seem to prioritize appearing tough and serious, but this comes at the expense of the wellbeing of ordinary citizens. Even well-off Americans rely on programs like Medicare when faced with significant medical expenses.

A Lack of Leadership

Critics, including former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, argue that President Obama lacks a clear identity. His conciliatory approach and attempts to find common ground with adversaries have resulted in a lack of direction and purpose. Instead of challenging the Republican narrative and promoting a counternarrative, Obama has been passive and indecisive. This has allowed the myth of deficit eradication and tax cuts as the top priority to persist, despite evidence to the contrary.

A Looming Crisis

While the administration avoids acknowledging the severity of the economic situation, states and municipalities face their own budgetary crises. Wall Street analyst Meredith Whitney warns that similar to the subprime debt crisis, states and cities are increasingly at risk. Municipal bonds, once considered a safe investment, are now being tested as states struggle to pay their bondholders. The true unfunded liability for state and local pension plans is estimated to be around $3.5 trillion, much higher than officially reported.

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The consequences of these fiscal challenges will be painful, with more cuts, layoffs, and tax increases on the horizon. The very nature of government and the services it provides will be fundamentally impacted as resources dwindle.

The Communication Breakdown

It appears that the concerns and warnings from economists and experts are falling on deaf ears. The Democratic Party is failing to effectively communicate its priorities and solutions to the American people. As the crisis deepens, the importance of clear and decisive leadership becomes even more crucial.

So, what do we call a deer with no eyes? In this case, it seems to be a metaphor for the lack of vision and action from the administration and the Democratic Party. It’s time to acknowledge the mistakes, embrace change, and provide the necessary support to those who need it most.

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