What’s in a Name? Dan Levy’s Hilarious SNL Moment

Video what do you call a lesbian dinosaur joke

Dan Levy, renowned for his role in Schitt’s Creek, brought his wit and charm to the stage as a guest host on Saturday Night Live (SNL). During his iconic stint, he shared a side-splitting lesbian dinosaur joke that left the audience in stitches.

A Tour Guide’s Inappropriate Humor

In one sketch, Levy played the role of “Thoby,” a trainee tour guide at Universal Studios. As he entertained a crowded bus of tourists, including the talented Kenan Thompson, his character’s coffee intake led to some unintended consequences – including the aforementioned lesbian dinosaur joke.

A Dark Twist on Back to the Future

Levy’s character shared a “dark as hell” fan theory about the movie Back to the Future. He raised the question of why a teenager would spend so much time with an older inventor. The theory suggested that the inventor had groomed the teenager, leading to an uncomfortable scenario. Fortunately, the inventor regretted his actions and built a time machine to prevent it from happening.

ET and Jurassic Park Get a Hilarious Spin

The SNL sketch continued with Levy’s character expressing his candid opinions about other movies. He described the iconic alien from ET as resembling a living “ball sack.” However, it was his joke about a lesbian dinosaur that had the audience erupting in laughter. “What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Lickalotofpuss!” he proclaimed, leaving the crowd delighted.

More Laughs and Memorable Moments

Throughout the show, Levy showcased his comedic talent in various sketches. He parodied a white man who continuously interrupted a Black man during a discussion about systemic racism, shedding light on the issue in a humorous way. Levy also played a concerned friend who initially disapproved of their friend’s choice of partner, only to have a change of heart when the partner stood up for themselves.

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A Memorable SNL Debut

Levy’s SNL debut was met with resounding praise from both queer fans and allies alike. His monologue, filled with humor and references to Schitt’s Creek’s success at the Emmys, set the tone for an unforgettable night. Despite the changes necessitated by the pandemic, Levy’s performance shone through, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating what he would do next.

Dan Levy’s hilarious stint on SNL proved once again that his comedic prowess knows no bounds. With his infectious charm and quick wit, he left an indelible mark on the iconic sketch show. So, the next time you hear the question, “What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?” you know the answer. And you have Dan Levy to thank for that memorable punchline.

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