What Guys Like to be Called Over Text: Discover the Perfect Nicknames for Your Man

Do you find yourself pondering which nickname to use when texting your guy? Are you unsure about whether to go with “honey” or “babe”? Well, fret no more! In this article, we will explore the various nicknames that guys love to be called.

Unraveling the Mystery: What Men Want

Men can be quite enigmatic creatures. They have their fair share of complexities, just like women. It’s no wonder that you may find yourself wondering about the things they like to be called.

So, what do men truly desire in a woman? What catches their eye? And most importantly, what makes their hearts flutter when they receive a text? These burning questions might be on your mind.

Finding the Perfect Nickname

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. What do guys like to be called in a relationship? Are you wondering if you’re in a genuine relationship or just casually dating? So many questions and not a single answer in sight.

But don’t worry, that’s about to change! Today, we’ll explore the world of nicknames that guys adore. We’ll delve into the meanings behind each nickname, helping you find the perfect one for every occasion with your bae (or crush)!

“Big Guy”

guy hugging woman standing outdoors during winter

Let’s face it: men love feeling powerful, masculine, and strong. They thrive on competition, whether it’s about cars or careers. By calling your man a “big guy,” you’re letting him know that he is attractive, powerful, and that he makes you feel safe and secure.

Here are a few reasons why guys love this nickname:

  • It enhances their masculinity
  • It makes them feel protective of you
  • It suggests they give out big hugs
  • It boosts their sense of power
  • It makes them feel superior to other guys because they are your “big guy”
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Using this term of endearment can boost your guy’s confidence and impress him. Calling him “big guy” is every man’s dream!


adult couple cuddling inside home near the fireplace

Ah, the universal pet name that has stood the test of time. “Babe” is incredibly popular, and for good reason. It encompasses flirty, romantic, caring, and sweet all in one. It can be used in various contexts without ever appearing boring or excessive.

It strikes the perfect balance in every sentence and situation. However, be careful not to overuse it. Combining it with other cute nicknames on our list will keep the spark alive!


man giving gift to a woman during a date in an outdoor restaurant

Most movies emphasize the use of “honey” within romantic relationships, and there’s a good reason for it. “Honey” is a nickname that signifies love, respect, and devotion. By calling your man “honey,” you let him know that he has won your heart and that you appreciate him deeply.

Using this term outside of a romantic relationship might cause confusion. It’s important to be cautious about whom we address with this endearing nickname.

His Own Name

happy young couple giving piggyback outdoors

Here’s an interesting anecdote. I started calling my boyfriend “Bubba” as a nickname, and I used it so frequently that I even forgot his real name. It turns out, men love to be called by their own names.

It makes them feel special, as it differentiates the way you address them from how others do. So, don’t hesitate to call your guy by his own name from time to time. It’s a small gesture that carries a lot of weight.


young woman teasing her boyfriend by pinching his nose

The first time I called my boyfriend “cutie,” he blushed and seemed slightly embarrassed. But after using it repeatedly, he became fond of the nickname. We often forget that guys love to be called cute too!

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“Cutie” is a perfect nickname for the early stages of a relationship. It shows affection without overwhelming seriousness. So, don’t worry about scaring your guy away. Embrace the sweetness of calling him “cutie.”

“Hot Stuff”

couple inside bathtub drinking wine inside the hotel

Just like girls, guys love feeling hot and desired. They want to be seen as attractive and irresistible. So, if you’re wondering how to seduce a man, try calling him “hot stuff” or “hottie.” Both nicknames convey the same message and will boost his confidence.

This nickname works wonders when you’re on a date, and he’s going the extra mile to impress you. It will make him feel even more eager to get closer to you.

“Big Daddy”

couple in bed having a good time laughing and flirting

Trending pet names often include “daddy” or “big daddy.” These nicknames are associated with physical attraction, but they can also be used as endearing terms.

When you call your guy “big daddy,” you convey that he’s a powerful lover who satisfies you. Men appreciate confidence boosters too, and this nickname speaks to their desire to be protective and dominant.


athletic couple giving a high five to each other near a body of water

“Champ” denotes a winner or victor. Calling your guy “champ” tells him that he has won the most valuable prize – YOU! It reminds him that he managed to capture your attention amidst countless competitors.

By using this nickname, you acknowledge his victory in winning your heart. Each time you call him “champ,” he’ll be reminded of his success and just how special he is.


shy woman smiling while drinking from a cup and talking to a guy on the veranda

Looking for a nickname for your secret crush? Try calling him “boy.” This nickname allows you to subtly express your feelings, avoiding the friend zone. It places you somewhere in-between, providing hope for something more.

Once you start calling him “boy,” he’ll subconsciously consider himself as YOUR boy. It will ignite thoughts of making you his girl. Keep using this sweet nickname and watch the magic unfold.

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intentionally toned image of a sweet couple standing near the body of water

“Aye, aye, Captain!” You may have heard this phrase in movies or cartoons, but it can also be a flirty nickname for your guy. Calling him “captain” sets him as the commander of your ship, the one in command.

Men have a tendency to want to show off their masculinity, especially when they’re deeply interested. By using this nickname, you encourage him to strive for victory in winning your heart, just like a captain defending his ship.


young couple walking under the sunshine near the mountains

If your guy brightens your every day, calling him “sunshine” is the perfect nickname. It acknowledges his ability to bring you joy and happiness. Knowing that he can make you happy is a significant achievement for any man.

Every guy wants to be someone’s sunshine, that person who can light up their world. By calling him “sunshine,” you recognize his role in making your life brighter.


couple walking in the rocks by the stream inside the forest

It’s safe to say that there isn’t a man on earth who wouldn’t enjoy being called “tiger.” Men want to feel powerful, protective, and desired. Calling him “tiger” boosts his confidence and lets him know that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

If you can make your man feel like a wild, powerful beast, he’ll keep surprising you with his hidden skills and tricks. Boosting his ego in this way is one of the things guys really appreciate in a woman.


sweet couple hug, smiling and sweet in the park

Spoiling your man and making him feel special is effortless when you call him “handsome.” This nickname is usually reserved for significant others, but it can also be used to playfully flirt. Men love receiving compliments about their looks and personality.

Calling your guy “handsome” conveys that he is not just any guy but YOUR handsome guy. It shows that you find him beautiful inside and out, which is one of the best compliments you can give.

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couple on honeymoon inside the hotel

Similar to “honey” and “darling,” this nickname is often used exclusively in relationships. Calling your man “darling” communicates your care, affection, and the fact that he is your best friend, lover, and confidant.

Be cautious, though. If your guy had someone in his past calling him “darling,” it might remind him of that person. It’s always better to inquire about your partner’s previous nicknames before making your choice.


couple having wine during a dinner date inside a restaurant

You’ve probably come across the term “bae” on social media. Contrary to popular belief, “bae” doesn’t stand for babe or baby. It actually means “before anything else.” This makes it one of the most heart-touching nicknames out there.

By calling your guy “bae,” you convey that he is your top priority, your special someone. It’s a concise yet powerful term that encompasses everything you feel for him.


woman hugging another woman while a man gives a loving look standing outdoors

“Sweetie” is a popular nickname that exudes sweetness and affection. If you’re unsure which nickname to use, “sweetie” never fails. To keep things interesting, try rotating between different endearing names. Variety is the secret ingredient that keeps a relationship thriving!

“My Love”

woman kissing the nose of her man while hugging in the snowy forest

As the nickname implies, “my love” is a term of endearment reserved for those deeply in love. Calling your man “my love” triggers a rush of emotions. It reminds him of your first meeting, your first date, and all the cherished moments you’ve shared together.

Men often struggle with expressing their emotions, fearing it may compromise their masculinity. If your guy embraces this nickname, it’s a sure sign that he’s head over heels in love with you.


cheerful couple laughing while sitting on the couch inside the living room

You might have noticed the popularity of terms like “hubby” and “daddy” on social media. While I’ve heard women affectionately refer to their husbands as “hubby,” it’s essential to exercise caution when using this term in the early stages of a relationship.

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Using “hubby” too soon might send the wrong message and potentially scare your guy away. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and avoid this nickname until you’re in a serious relationship.


multiracial couple dating in a cafe with cake on the table

When you think of angels, you envision purity and flawlessness. By calling your man “angel,” you’re conveying just how precious he is to you. While your boyfriend might not be perfect, this nickname symbolizes your devotion and love for him.

Use “angel” in various situations, such as when he helps you, during cuddle sessions, or in text messages. Be creative and choose the right moment to make him feel special.


sweet couple cuddling and smiling inside home photo, waist up

“Snuggy” describes the act of cuddling and getting cozy with your special someone. There’s nothing more satisfying than snuggling next to your loved one while listening to the rain outside. Men may portray toughness on the outside, but they are softies on the inside.

Men appreciate cuddling as much as women do, so don’t hesitate to call your guy “snuggy.” It’s a sweet way to let him know how much you enjoy cuddling with him.


sweet couple hand in hand in the stairs with a balloon near the Eiffel Tower in France

This French term, meaning “mister,” creates a romantic ambiance. Calling your man “monsieur” may initially confuse him, as it’s not a commonly used nickname. However, over time, he’ll fall in love with it.

By calling him “monsieur,” you’re acknowledging his gentlemanly qualities, comfort, and the special feeling he brings to your life. Combine it with another affectionate nickname for maximum effect.

Choosing the Perfect Nickname

Ultimately, the nickname you choose should reflect your relationship and make your man feel special. Don’t overthink it or worry if he’ll like a particular nickname. If he doesn’t respond as expected, you can always ask him for his preference.

Remember, even if he doesn’t love a particular nickname, he’ll still find it cute and appreciate your effort to make him feel loved. So, go ahead and choose the perfect nickname to make your guy feel adored!

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