What Happened to Brie in Virgin River?

Virgin River has captured the hearts of Netflix viewers with its captivating drama series. Based on Robyn Carr’s book series, the show revolves around the romance between Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson). However, Jack’s sister Brie (Zibby Allen) has her own compelling story to tell.

A Tale of Revenge and Healing

After escaping from an abusive relationship, Brie finds solace in the small town of Virgin River. She soon falls for Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth), the town’s resident bad boy. While fans are rooting for this unlikely pair, season 5 promises much more as Brie seeks revenge against her ex.

A Supersized Season 5

Filming for Virgin River Season 5 is currently underway in Vancouver. This season will be particularly special as it brings 12 episodes, providing fans with even more of what they love. New showrunner Patrick Sean Smith shared, “We’ve been mindful of that as we’ve been arching out all the events this season.”

Zibby Allen, the actress portraying Brie, suggests that a time jump might be in order for the series. As the characters age rapidly within a short time span, Allen humorously remarks, “Eventually, you’re gonna have to do a time jump because we’re just aging way too fast for a five-month span.”

Seeking Justice in Virgin River

Brie’s journey to Virgin River was triggered by the traumatic experience of being sexually assaulted by her ex. In the previous season, her abuser tracked her down, igniting a newfound courage within her. Determined to take him down and share her truth, Brie vows to seek justice in season 5.

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Allen affirms that her character is not one to make empty promises. “Without giving anything away, I can at least tell you that Brie is somebody who follows through on her promises,” she reveals. Brie’s journey towards healing will continue as she navigates the repercussions of her past.

The Evolution of Brie and Brady’s Relationship

As Brie reclaims her life, her relationship with Brady will take center stage in the upcoming season. However, fans should not expect wedding bells just yet. The couple’s independent and strong-willed nature poses challenges to their future together.

Ben Hollingsworth, the actor portraying Brady, acknowledges the significant step marriage would be for his character. He explains, “For them to go down the aisle, I think we need to see Jack and Mel get married first.” The differences between Brie and Brady also raise questions about the longevity of their relationship. Allen highlights the importance of their ability to navigate their differences and build a real, day-to-day connection.

As the anticipation builds for the release of Virgin River Season 5, fans eagerly await the twists and turns that Brie’s journey will take. With revenge and healing on the horizon, Brie’s story promises to captivate audiences once again.

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