What’s the Buzz about Doja Cat’s September 1st Manifestation Trend?

TikTok users are going gaga over the September 1st manifestation trend involving Doja Cat, which supposedly promises a windfall of $3111. But what’s the story behind it all?

If you’ve been scratching your head after stumbling upon numerous videos about the Doja Cat manifestation on your fyp (For You Page), fret not! We’ve got all the juicy details about this TikTok frenzy and the concept of manifestation.

Decoding Manifestation

Manifestation, simply put, is the belief that openly expressing your dreams and desires increases the likelihood of them coming true. It has been a hot topic on social media for quite some time now. Although there’s no scientific evidence to support this phenomenon, numerous individuals swear by its effectiveness. People share their own experiences through videos, discussing how they’ve manifested what they desired, be it something small or monumental.

What’s the Deal with the Doja Cat September 1st Trend?

The trend itself is relatively straightforward. Users must employ the Beach Waves Sounds – Ocean Sounds & Sea Waves Sounds & Ocean Waves audio on the platform while making a video proclaiming that they’ll receive $3111 on or before September 1st. This type of video has gained substantial attention in the past but only recently exploded in popularity due to the involvement of Doja Cat’s name. Although it remains unclear who first associated the singer with the trend, many believe that Doja herself started it.

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In reality, there’s no concrete evidence of Doja ever making such a statement. The last time she was active on social media was on August 17th. Therefore, it appears that an anonymous individual initiated the trend, and it gained traction when multiple users began posting content related to it.

The 369 Method of Manifestation

This isn’t the first time TikTok users have fixated on the concept of manifestation. Previously, the 369 method took the platform by storm. To practice this method, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Identify three affirmations representing your desires, whether it’s owning a luxury item or landing your dream job.
  2. Repeat these affirmations either verbally or in writing six times, allowing your message to resonate with the universe.
  3. Spend nine seconds envisioning yourself already possessing those affirmations, visualizing the details vividly and realistically. This exercise not only motivates you to work harder but also opens doors for the universe to contribute in its unique ways.

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