What Color Is The Ieee 1394 Cable End?


Have you ever wondered about the color of the IEEE 1394 cable end? In this article, we will explore the characteristics of this legacy connector, its appearance, and its uses in modern devices.

Understanding the IEEE 1394 Cable

The IEEE 1394 cable, also known as FireWire or i.LINK, was a high-speed data and power connection that competed with USB. It was widely used in various electronic devices, including personal computers, audio and video devices, and consumer electronics. Unlike USB, the IEEE 1394 cable carries data, power, and video on a single cable.

Appearance of the FireWire Connector

The FireWire connector comes in two versions: FireWire 400 and FireWire 800. These versions are not backward compatible and have distinct appearances. FireWire 400 has a flatter connector with one rounded side, while the faster FireWire 800 version resembles a fat USB connector. This difference in appearance can sometimes lead to confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is FireWire the same as IEEE 1394?

Yes, FireWire and IEEE 1394 are two different names for the same standard connection type. Many electronic devices, such as digital video cameras, printers, scanners, and external hard drives, use this standard.

What are the two types of FireWire?

FireWire has two connector types: a 6-pin connector for Macintosh ports and a 4-pin connector for Windows PCs and camcorders. The 6-pin connector adheres to the original FireWire specification of 400 Mbps.

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Are there different types of FireWire cables?

Yes, there are two primary versions of the FireWire interface: FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394a) and FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b). FireWire 400 uses a 6-pin connector and supports data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbps. On the other hand, FireWire 800 uses a 9-pin connector and can transfer data at up to 800 Mbps.

Is 1394 the same as USB?

FireWire (IEEE 1394) and USB (Universal Serial Bus) are two different standards for communication between electronic devices. While FireWire is associated with Apple and known by the brand names of i.LINK and FireWire, USB is a universal standard used by various manufacturers.

Can you convert FireWire to HDMI?

No, there are no cables available to directly connect a FireWire port to an HDMI port. FireWire and HDMI serve different purposes and cannot cooperate in a single arrangement. FireWire is primarily used for data transfer, similar to USB, regardless of the type of data being transferred.

Is IEEE 1394 obsolete?

While FireWire is not as widely used as it once was, it is still employed in high-end setups, and FireWire drives are still available for purchase. However, it has become a niche product, and even Apple has removed FireWire ports from its MacBooks. Thunderbolt, another high-speed connection, is now gaining popularity.


In conclusion, the IEEE 1394 cable, also known as FireWire or i.LINK, is a legacy connector that competed with USB. It features a distinct appearance with different versions such as FireWire 400 and FireWire 800. Although not as prevalent as it once was, FireWire still has its uses in specific setups. To learn more about other fascinating topics, visit 5 WS!

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FireWire Connector

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