Watch the Broncos Game on Dish: Find the Channel Number

Sports have a unique way of keeping us grounded in the present. And when it comes to football, one of the most popular sports worldwide, the National Football League (NFL) is sure to captivate your attention. With 32 teams divided into the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC), the NFL offers a thrilling experience for fans.

If you’re a fan of the Broncos, the professional American football team based in Denver, you’re probably wondering where to catch their games on Dish Network. Keep reading to discover the channel number for watching the Broncos game on Dish.

About the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are a celebrated franchise in the NFL and a prominent member of the AFC West division. Founded in 1960 as part of the American Football League (AFL), the Broncos later merged with the NFL in 1970.

While the team initially struggled, their fortunes changed in 1975, leading to an impressive record that includes 8 AFC championships and 3 Super Bowl championships. Notable figures, like Floyd Little, John Elway, and Terrell Davis, have enshrined the Broncos in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Current Players Info

The Broncos boast a talented roster across different positions. While it’s impossible to list all the players, here are some noteworthy individuals:

  • Quarterbacks: Russell Wilson, Brett Rypien, Josh Johnson
  • Running Backs: Mike Boon, Damarea Crockett, Melvin Gordon
  • Wide Receivers: Tyrie Cleaveland, Travis Fulgham, Kendall Hinton
  • Tight Ends: Andrew Beck, Greg Dulcich, Eric Saubert
  • Linebackers: Christopher Allen, Nik Bonitto, Baron Browning
  • Cornerback: Patrick Surtain, K’Waun Williams, Ronald Darby
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About Dish Network

Dish Network is a prominent satellite TV and telecommunication provider in the United States. Alongside cable TV, the company offers a range of services, from telephone and mobile to internet and wireless options. Additionally, Dish provides over-the-top IPTV services, including Sling TV and Dish Anywhere.

With a Dish subscription, you can access live and on-demand content from various devices, including smartphones and computers. The Dish Anywhere app enhances your viewing experience by allowing you to stream shows, sports events, and news. Moreover, you can even save your favorite live shows using the DVR option and access them offline.

To meet your specific needs, Dish offers different subscription plans. Whether you prefer the Basic, Popular, or Premium package, each plan comes with a diverse range of channels and on-demand titles.

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

Feel free to customize your package to enjoy America’s top-ranked shows and other fantastic content.

What Channel is the Broncos Game on Dish?

As a Broncos fan, you have several options for watching their games on Dish Network. While Dish doesn’t have a dedicated Broncos channel, you can tune in to native sports streaming channels like ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and NBC.

For your convenience, here are the channel numbers for these sports channels on Dish:

  • ESPN: Channel 140
  • Fox Sports 1: Channel 150
  • NFL Network: Channel 154
  • NBC Network: Channel 2-70

Enjoy the thrilling Broncos games by accessing these channels through your Dish subscription.

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Broncos Game on Dish
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We hope this article has provided you with the information you need to watch the Broncos game on Dish. Remember, there isn’t a dedicated channel exclusively for the Broncos, but by using the appropriate sports streaming channels, you can catch all the action without hassle.

So select your preferred sports streaming channel, tune in, and enjoy watching your beloved Denver Broncos on Dish.


Is it possible to watch the Broncos game on Dish?
Yes, you can watch the Broncos game on Dish Network by accessing dedicated sports streaming channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC, and the NFL Network.

What channel is the NFL on Dish today?
You can find the NFL Network programs on Dish Network by tuning in to channel number 154. This channel is dedicated to airing National Football League games.

How can I watch the Broncos football game without cable?
If you’re looking for an alternative to cable, streaming service applications like Hulu + Live TV, Fubo TV, and Sling TV offer channels that stream NFL games. These apps provide a convenient way to watch the Broncos game without a traditional cable subscription.

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