What Business Does Nick Carraway Choose and Why?

Nick Carraway enters the field of bond trading because he aims to accumulate wealth while gaining insight into human nature. He believes that working in finance will offer him the opportunity to observe people’s decision-making processes and motivations. Nick establishes himself in the bond business in the energetic city of New York. His choice is driven by his desire for financial success as well as his enjoyment of the bustling city life. Moreover, opting for bonds provides him with a sense of security and stability, unlike his wild lifestyle in his hometown. Bonds are considered a safe investment with minimal risk.

Nick Carraway’s Occupation in “The Great Gatsby”

In “The Great Gatsby,” Nick Carraway functions as a bond salesman. He works in the New York City office of a bond-trading firm owned by Meyer Wolfsheim. Additionally, Nick engages in a side business involving illegal alcohol during the Prohibition era.

The Business Nick Carraway Decides to Learn

Nick’s decision to learn the business of online marketing entails several steps. He plans to familiarize himself with various aspects, such as employing analytics and other tools to track customer behavior and enhance his advertising campaigns. By taking this step, he hopes to gain a competitive advantage in the digital market.

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The Carraways’ Money-Making Business

The Carraways accumulate their wealth through the bond business. Through prudent investments and careful portfolio management, they establish a thriving enterprise that will endure for generations.

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What Business Does Nick Carraway Go Into and Why

Nick’s Business Pursuit after Moving to the East

Upon relocating to the East, Nick embarks on a career as a lumberjack. In this line of work, he assumes responsibilities such as felling trees and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and environmental laws. Nick derives satisfaction from the physical nature of the job and the knowledge that he is providing an essential service to those in need.

The Setting of “The Great Gatsby”

“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald unfolds in the year 1922, a period marked by significant social and political transformations in the United States. Termed the Roaring Twenties, this era witnessed rapid economic growth, widespread consumerism, and a sense of liberation among many Americans.

The novel centers around Jay Gatsby’s pursuit of wealth and his subsequent struggle to win back the love of Daisy Buchanan. These events occur amidst a backdrop of glamour and excess.

Explaining Nick’s Engagement in Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of “The Great Gatsby” reveals the story of a young man unexpectedly faced with an engagement. Nick’s mother and aunt conspire to arrange him a marriage to a woman he barely knows. Throughout this chapter, readers witness Nick’s efforts to navigate this unwanted commitment and devise a more suitable plan for his life.

Gatsby’s Revelation About the Accident

“The Great Gatsby” discloses that Gatsby’s recklessness caused the fatal accident. Driving at excessive speed and failing to brake in time led to a collision with another vehicle. Although Gatsby does not explicitly confess, his guilt permeates the novel, serving as a poignant reminder of the severe consequences of his heedless behavior.

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Nick Carraway’s decision to pursue a career in bond trading demonstrates his ambition and determination. His success in this field eventually allows him to acquire a house in East Egg. Moreover, Nick’s involvement in the bond business brings him into contact with Gatsby and Daisy, leading him down a path of moral ambiguity. Ultimately, this choice of profession sheds light on Nick Carraway’s character, highlighting his relentless pursuit of success, even if it means compromising his principles along the way.

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