Vermin Zombies in Black Ops 4: Expanding the Gameplay Experience

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In Black Ops 4, there are several exciting game modes and custom mutations that offer unique gameplay experiences. This article will explore some of these variations, providing detailed rules and strategies for players looking to try something new. From intense battles with hordes of vermin zombies to challenging start room challenges, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, strap in and get ready to take your Black Ops 4 experience to the next level!

Custom Mode: “Voyage of Clones”

In this custom mode called “Voyage of Clones,” the goal is to recreate the intense and dangerous zombie cloning experience from Shadows of Evil. However, the zombies are much tougher to kill and become more numerous as the rounds progress. Here’s how you can set up this mode:

Class Set Up

  • Equip the machine pistol as your primary weapon.
  • Do not use Stamin-Up, Victorious Tortoise, or Secret Sauce perks.
  • Stone Cold Stronghold is recommended.
  • You can turn off or use Dying Wish as bonus lives.
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For new players, this mode is a great way to familiarize yourself with the map and have some silly fun while exploring.

“Start Room Challenge”

For a thrilling start to your game, try the “Start Room Challenge.” Lock all the doors in the map’s starting room, preventing any escape. If available, set a useful perk at the start or rely on Secret Sauce for a random perk that can aid you in your current round. Additionally, choose your preferred starting weapon.

Voyage of Despair Start Room Tweaks

If you’re playing on the Voyage of Despair map, you can make some modifications to enhance the gameplay experience. By opening specific doors and utilizing the power toggles, you can create unique paths and access new areas. For example, open the “red door” of the start room while keeping the “blue doors” locked. This opens up a small running area below the Forecastle, providing access to the Vapr wallbuy for a better weapon. Experiment with different door combinations to create exciting gameplay variations while still limiting yourself to the start room’s perk availability.

More of IX: “Special Tower”

For fans of the IX map, the “Special Tower” mode offers a fresh and thrilling experience. Set the special weapon recharge time to fast and challenge yourself to never leave your chosen tower. You can have one perk in the entry tower and another in your chosen tower. Turn off the last stand option and set your starting points to 10,000 with a starting round of 15. Pick a tower, use either the Danu or Ra tunnels to reach it, and go nuts with special weapons. This mode allows you to fully explore the tower’s unique features and gameplay possibilities.

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More of IX: “Lone Temple,” “Double Trouble,” and “Pick a Loop”

While the Nine map doesn’t offer too many unconventional gameplay options, you can still create interesting variations. Here are a few suggestions:

A. “Lone Temple”

Open one door from the starting area to either Danu or Ra and leave all other doors closed. This limits your map space to the upper, middle, and lower towers, along with the start arena. With limited perks and weapons, this mode provides a challenging and focused gameplay experience.

B. “Double Trouble”

Open both start doors, granting access to two perks and limited weapon options. This mode adds variety to your gameplay while still maintaining the essence of the Nine map.

C. “Pick a Loop”

Open one tower and go underground through another tower to reach the start arena, creating a loop. You can choose different tower combinations to adjust the difficulty and map size. For example, Danu to Ra creates a short loop, while incorporating Zeus or Odin extends the loop and unlocks new areas such as the pit, PaP room, and additional weapon options. Consider adding the shield to your loop if you open Zeus or Odin, as it provides an additional tactical advantage.

Titanic Camper: A Voyage to Remember

If you prefer a more relaxed and strategic gameplay style, the “Titanic Camper” mode is for you. Head to the top of the ship, find a cozy corner in the little window house, and start picking off zombies with headshots. To set up this mode, follow these rules:

  • Open the doors to the lower start room.
  • Enable all Mystery Box options and activate Pack-a-Punch.
  • You can choose starting points of 50,000 to jump-start your game.
  • Customize the rules according to your preferences, such as adjusting health regeneration or incorporating specific perks.
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With this setup, you can enjoy a classic camping experience while racking up headshots and surviving until higher rounds.

Box and Bottle II: Quick and Fun on Blood of the Dead

For a fast-paced and exciting gameplay option on the Blood of the Dead map, try the “Box and Bottle II” mode. Here’s how you set it up:

  • Keep the doors to the Catwalk closed.
  • Open the Dog Room and the Power/Perk area near the start.
  • You can choose to open the tunnel between the box room and the Power/Perk area.
  • Customize other rules and restrictions based on your preferences.

With limited map space and quick access to the Mystery Box and Pack-a-Punch, this mode offers a delightful and fast “jump-in-and-play” experience.

Shield Fun on Voyage of Despair

For some shield-centric gameplay on the Voyage of Despair map, follow these rules:

  • Keep the Pack-a-Punch machine always accessible.
  • Open all doors, starting with 50,000 points.
  • Use the Victorious Tortoise perk and customize other rules to your liking.

Get the artifact, collect the shield parts, and buy desired perks. Leave your starting weapon in the Pack-a-Punch machine and fight off zombies primarily using your shield. Utilize special weapons for larger enemies, and enjoy the unique challenge and gameplay strategy this mode offers. Recommended perk choices include Victorious Tortoise, Stamin-Up, Death Perception, and Timeslip.

Fun Zombies Settings

Not enjoying some aspects of Black Ops 4 zombies? No worries! Here are a few tweaks to enhance your zombie experience:

1. Box and Power

Disable the Mystery Box’s movement across the map. This eliminates unnecessary distractions and allows you to focus on your gameplay without chasing after the box. It’s a small change with a big impact.

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2. Special Zombies

Turn off or reduce the spawn rate of special zombies. While these unique zombies can add complexity to the game, some players may prefer a more traditional zombie experience.

3. Pack-a-Punch

Make the Pack-a-Punch machine always accessible. It eliminates the need to search for the machine on the map, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of gameplay.

4. Player Health and Starting Points

Adjust the player’s health and starting points according to your preference. You can increase or decrease starting health and the rate at which health regenerates. Additionally, you can start with more points to jump-start your game or limit the points earned throughout the game.

5. Zombie Speed

Experiment with different zombie speeds. From super-fast zombies to more manageable walking speeds, adjusting their speed can significantly alter your gameplay experience. Try different combinations to find the ideal challenge level for you.


These custom modes and variations in Black Ops 4 offer players a myriad of exciting and unique gameplay experiences. Whether you prefer intense battles with vermin zombies or strategic camping sessions, there’s something here for everyone. So gather your friends, experiment with different settings, and dive into the madness of Black Ops 4. Visit 5 WS to check out more exciting content like this. Happy gaming!

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