Tooth Fairy Letter Guide: Making a Magical Lost Tooth Journey

No one prepares you for the challenge of bringing childhood favorites to life when you become a parent. From Santa’s gifts to the Easter Bunny’s eggs, it’s not an easy task. And when it’s time to play Tooth Fairy? Finding the right words to convince your child that you’re a magical friend can be a challenge. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hold the Magic is here to help you create a magical lost tooth journey and Tooth Fairy experience that your kids will love and remember.

Six Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tooth Fairy Letter Template

When it comes to choosing the perfect Tooth Fairy letter template, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Age of your child

Consider your child’s age when selecting a template. What younger children love might not resonate with older kids. It’s never too late to start a new tradition.

2. First tooth or recurring visits?

Tailor your response based on whether it’s your child’s first visit from the Tooth Fairy or if they’ve experienced previous visits. If you prefer convenience, check out the 1st Wiggly Tooth Collection.

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3. Dental hygiene

Use the Tooth Fairy’s magical powers to encourage your child to take care of their teeth. It’s a fun way to promote good habits.

4. Emotions about losing teeth

Some kids may be scared while others are excited about losing their teeth. A Tooth Fairy letter can help calm any fears.

5. Punctuality of the Tooth Fairy

If the Tooth Fairy is running late, consider adding an excuse for the delay. It adds an extra element of magic and explanation for your child.

6. Misplaced tooth

Assure your child that even if they misplaced their tooth, they will still receive a gift for being brave and kind.

Now, let’s explore some of our favorite Tooth Fairy letter templates to get you started! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or short on time, Hold The Magic Tooth Fairy gift sets have everything you need, including pre-written magical letters.

Top 10 Tooth Fairy Letter Templates

All-Around Top Pick

Tooth Fairy Letter

This template stands out with a custom address, adding a personal touch. Mentioning minor details, like the date of tooth loss and siblings, creates a magical and watchful atmosphere. The Tooth Fairy encourages dental hygiene without sounding too parental. The template ends with a unique sign-off, making your child feel special.

Drawbacks: The template might be wordy for younger kids. You can add whimsical fonts or images to enhance the magical touch.

Best Tooth Fairy Letter Templates for Younger Kids

Dear Tooth Fairy

With a simple rhyme scheme and concise length, this template is great for younger children. The whimsical typeface and fairy picture add charm.

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Drawbacks: Limited customization. Best suited for younger kids.

Tooth Fairy Life

This template motivates kids to maintain good dental hygiene. It is suitable for younger children with a limited vocabulary. The mention of losing teeth being a step towards adulthood adds excitement.

Drawbacks: Minimal customization options beyond your child’s name.

Dear Tooth Fairy

This letter has a fun rhyme scheme and a fairy-like background, perfect for little ones. It addresses first-time tooth loss and offers reassurance about getting a new tooth.

Drawbacks: The PDF format limits customization. Not easy to change and reuse for each tooth.

Best Novel Tooth Fairy Letter Templates

Official Tooth Fairy

This formal letter with a seal appeals to older kids who want a more adult-like experience. The inclusion of the date allows you to keep your child’s Tooth Fairy letters as keepsakes.

Drawbacks: The formality may not be suitable for younger children. Limited customization options.

Tooth Fairy Template

This official certificate helps you keep track of your child’s teeth by providing space for personal information. The design exudes Tooth Fairy magic, making it novel for your child.

Drawbacks: Watermarks can only be removed for a fee. Limited customization options.

Best Tooth Fairy Letter Templates When You’re Short on Time

Next Tooth

This playful template is great for parents in a hurry. While customization is limited, you can easily tweak details to personalize it.

Drawbacks: Standard letter with minimal built-in room for customization. No design elements included.


This template requires minimal customization. You can change the name, date, and minor details for a quick Tooth Fairy letter. The clean font is easily readable.

Drawbacks: Lack of personalization options. Plain Word document design.

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Best Tooth Fairy Letter Templates When You’re Running Late

Late Tooth Fairy

This letter shines with a creative excuse for tardiness. It turns a disappointment into an exciting story about the Tooth Fairy’s adventures.

Drawbacks: The design may seem odd. Limited customization options in the free version.

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

This short and sweet template is ideal for last-minute Tooth Fairy visits. The simple wording is suitable for younger children. The curly border and handwritten font add a personalized touch.

Drawbacks: Limited customization options. Might be too brief for older kids.

Don’t stress about being the perfect Tooth Fairy. Whether you use our templates or write your own letter, your child will have a heartwarming memory. For an extra touch of magic, check out Tooth Fairy gift sets from Hold The Magic. Sweet dreams and happy wiggling!

Download our 5 Letter Writing Tips From a Tooth Fairy

The 5 Ws and H are questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem solving. will best answer all your questions

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