They Refuse to Leave: A Cyberpunk Side Quest

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They Refuse to Leave is a side quest in the thrilling world of Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77). This captivating walkthrough will guide you through every step of the They Refuse to Leave Side Quest.

Area and Quest Details

  • Location: Westbrook (Japantown)
  • Quest Giver: Rachel
  • Requirement: Complete the Side Job “There is a Light That Never Goes Out,” and wait for Rachel to contact you after 12 in-game hours.
  • Reward: A monetary reward (the amount depends on the success of the braindance), although Rachel may take her sweet time sending it to you.
  • Mission Info: Well, guess what? This corporate seductress from the crucifixion braindance wants you to come back and give her star a pep talk, maybe even massage his damn shoulders. Normally, I’d tell you to forget it and find something more exciting to do, but… I don’t know, it seems like this Jesus fanatic could really use your help.


  • Talk to Rachel
  • Speak with Vasquez
  • Enter the braindance studio
  • Talk to Rachel
  • Interact with Joshua Stephenson
  • Assist Joshua in recording the braindance
  • Grab the hammer and nail
  • Securely fasten Joshua to the cross
  • Raise the cross
  • Stay by Joshua’s side until his demise
  • Have a conversation with Rachel
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This job is part of a questline, so make sure you successfully complete the preceding quests to avoid any setbacks: Sinnerman → There is a Light That Never Goes Out → They Refuse to Leave.

Starting Location: They Refuse to Leave

Starting Location

Starting Location

Talk to Rachel

After at least 12 in-game hours have passed since completing the previous job, Rachel will reach out to you and request your presence at the braindance studio. If you decline her invitation, the quest will come to an abrupt end. Therefore, it is advisable to accept her request.

Talk to Vasquez

Approach the studio gate and engage in a dialogue with Vasquez. He will grant you access and provide directions to the designated door in the lot.


Enter the Braindance Studio

The braindance studio is located at the far end of the lot. Wait for the security guard to grant you entry.

Talk to Rachel

Rachel is awaiting your arrival inside the studio. After a brief conversation with someone else, she will direct you to Joshua.

Speak with Joshua Stephenson

IMPORTANT: This “[Sit]” conversation with Joshua is crucial in determining the success of the braindance. Be mindful that two of the four dialogue options are considered unfavorable. Choosing either of these options will negatively impact the background counter, considering your choices in the previous job. If you had already selected two unfavorable options in the prior job, picking just one here will bring the counter to four, consequently causing the braindance to fail.


Dialogue Options:

  • “This is insane, don’t go through with it.” → Unfavorable
  • “Stay strong, you can do it.” → Good
  • “Your intentions are pure, but this isn’t the way to act upon them.” → Unfavorable
  • “You’re a true rebel, a true revolutionary.” → Good
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Following the dialogue, Joshua will ask whether you wish to pray or not. Your choice in this matter does not hold any significance. Finally, he will inquire if you want to participate in the braindance recording with him.



  • If you choose to participate, you will directly engage in the recording, which will elicit unique responses from both Johnny and V.
  • If you opt to watch, someone else will perform the actions while you observe from a chair. Participating or not will not impact the outcome or your rewards.
  • Declining to watch will promptly conclude the job, and Rachel will provide you with the same rewards later on.

Assist Joshua in Recording the Braindance

Follow Joshua into the adjacent room. If you choose to watch, interact with the chair in the center and patiently observe the recording.

Grab the Hammer and Nail

Acquire the hammer and nail from the table on the left.

Hammer and Nail

Securely Fasten Joshua to the Cross

Use the hammer and nail to secure both Joshua’s arms and legs to the cross.


Raise the Cross

Activate the nearby button to elevate the cross.

Raising the Cross

Stay by Joshua’s Side until His Demise

Remain in the room until Joshua’s passing.

Have a Conversation with Rachel

Engage in a heartfelt conversation with Rachel at the back of the room. Your choice of words will not affect the outcome of the job. Once you’ve spoken with her, the quest will be complete. Rachel will contact you in due time to provide your reward, depending on the success of the braindance (although it may take a while, so don’t fret too much—the reward isn’t significant, even with a successful braindance).

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This concludes the thrilling journey of the They Refuse to Leave side quest in Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77).

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