The Future Belongs To Those Who Pursue Their Dreams

By Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you believe in the power of dreams? Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” This quote resonates with me, and I believe it holds a profound truth that can inspire us all.

Finding Hope in Adversity

During the Second World War and America’s worst depression, Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady, uttered these words to ignite hope in a dispirited nation. She aimed to liberate people from feelings of fear and hopelessness. Her full quote reads, “Believe in yourself. You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face…You must do that which you think you cannot do…The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

A World of Change

We currently live in an era of constant change. When I think about the next decade, it is impossible to predict what lies ahead. Nevertheless, I look back at the impact of visionary dreamers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who transformed the world through their technological innovations.

Many of us have already witnessed the power of dreams in action, contributing to the creation of social networks, smartphone apps, and captivating internet content. Simultaneously, some have endured hardships, such as student debt, housing crashes, and unemployment. I personally experienced this tumultuous world when I dropped out of school and embarked on my career amidst the recession.

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Embracing the Path Less Traveled

Even with the benefit of hindsight, there were those who considered my decision foolish. However, I disagree. Choosing the more challenging path requires courage and strength. It means following your ideals and pursuing your dreams, regardless of the naysayers.

I hold immense respect for those who have faced dire circumstances and emerged stronger. The most exceptional designers I know have overcome unimaginable struggles – it was these trials that forged their resilience.

At this point in my career, I am fortunate to have gained recognition and support from various quarters. Exciting opportunities lie on the horizon, but I am also aware of the need to continually learn and grow. Therefore, I am making decisions that will once again demand great courage.

Of course, there is always the possibility of failure or the temptation to succumb to fear and laziness. However, I refuse to let fear dictate my choices. I choose to work hard and persevere. I choose to confront my fears head-on.

Designing the Future

During my student years, I used to admire those who had achieved greatness in the past. Now, I find myself looking to the future. Our current era has inflicted significant struggles upon most of us. Yet, it is precisely through these challenges that strength is born.

What kind of strength will this era cultivate? Who will be the next visionary to revolutionize our world? What novel skills, techniques, and ways of thinking will shape the future?

Becoming stronger means embracing hard work and facing adversity without reservation. Are your dreams worth the struggle? Only by pursuing them will you discover their true beauty.

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