Reconnecting with Tabatha Coffey: A Journey of Transformation

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Under the theme of Reconnecting, Tabatha Coffey creates a two-day program for Intercoiffure Australia.

The 2022 Intercoiffure Australia Spring Atelier is all set to bring salon owners and stylists together under the theme of “Reconnecting.” Tabatha Coffey, renowned for her ability to inspire individuals and transform businesses, has carefully crafted a program that aims to foster connections among attendees. Her unique approach aims to help participants reconnect with themselves and each other during the event.

Reconnecting: A Powerful Topic Close to Tabatha’s Heart

Tabatha shares, “Reconnecting is a powerful topic for me. I have witnessed firsthand the impact of isolation and the pandemic on individuals and businesses. There is a definite need for all of us to reconnect, share, and learn from one another. That’s why I have developed two specific programs that educate in a fun way and stimulate the mind by delving into important topics around fear and personality.”

Coffey's programs will help attendees understand themselves and others, as well as explore how fear shapes our reactions.

Tabatha’s Two-Day Program: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Morning Program: Colour of Personality

The morning session promises an engaging and interactive experience. Tabatha aims to provide insight into the reasons behind our actions and help attendees understand why others behave the way they do. By learning how to read and interpret others’ actions, participants will enhance their emotional intelligence, establish stronger personal connections, and witness immediate results in their professional performance. Tabatha’s unique teaching method enables attendees to “speak the language” of others, building harmonious teams and personal relationships.

Afternoon Class: What Has Fear Cost You?

Fear has many disguises and comes at a price. This session dives deep into the obstacles holding us back, such as self-doubt, imposter syndrome, comparison, and overthinking. Participants will explore their unique strengths and weaknesses, identifying their Superpower and Kryptonite. Tabatha emphasizes the importance of courage, highlighting how it triumphs over confidence. Attendees will leave this session equipped with the ability to not only cope with change but embrace it, building new neural pathways that lead to continuous growth and success.

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The Intercoiffure Australia Spring Atelier will be held on October 23-24th at Aloft Perth, Western Australia. For tickets and more information, visit the Intercoiffure Australia website.

To learn more about Intercoiffure Australia, visit their official website at

About Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey is celebrated for her talent in transforming struggling businesses and lives. With her no-nonsense approach and exceptional business acumen, Tabatha draws upon her own life experiences and transformative coaching skills to offer straightforward advice and empower individuals with inner beauty and strength. As an accredited coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and certified professional, Tabatha carries the weight of expertise and experience in her field.

Tabatha’s presence is felt on television through her shows, including “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” “Tabatha Takes Over,” and “Relative Success.” Additionally, she has shared her expertise as a guest on several daytime TV shows and red carpet events, including The Talk, Dr. Oz, The Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Fashion Police.

As a sought-after public speaker, Tabatha regularly graces international beauty industry shows and significant business and non-profit events worldwide. Her impactful TEDx Talk in St. Louis has garnered over 4 million views, and she has been inducted into the Australian Hairdressing “Hall of Fame.”

Tabatha’s memoir, “It’s Not Really About the Hair: The Truth about Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty,” published by Harper Collins, is now in its fourth printing. Her second book, “Own It,” highlighting essential business and life lessons, is also published by Harper Collins and is currently in its Third Printing.

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