Funny and Sarcastic Responses When Someone Doesn’t Text Back

We’ve all been there – eagerly waiting for a response, only to be met with silence. It can be disappointing and even hurtful when someone chooses to ignore our texts. Whether it’s a crush, a friend, or someone from a dating site, it’s important to remember to respect yourself and your time. Instead of dwelling on their lack of response, why not try sending a funny or sarcastic message that will either make them laugh or think twice about ignoring you? Here are some humorous and witty responses to consider:

Funny Responses When Someone Doesn’t Text Back

  1. “I thought you were not like most girls. But hey, look, you’re the same species.”
    She’s been acting like she won’t do to you what most girls did. Show her how wrong she is.

  2. “You know I thought you were cute. I changed my opinion, you’re cruel now.”
    Of course, she is. How could she forget about you? After all, you two chatted for nine days before she stopped responding.

  3. “Hey, you don’t have to impress me with a perfect message. I’m fine if you just say anything.”
    It’s been two weeks since you sent a simple “Hey you” text to him. Maybe he’s still trying to figure out how to text perfectly and impress his crush.

  4. “I’m so impressed by you, you’re my true well-wisher who stops me from wasting time on you.”
    This person cares so much about you that they’re saving you from wasting any more time. They know they’re going to dump you, so they’re doing it already.

  5. “Please reply to me. You’re delaying our kids’ birthday.”
    You both had plans to get married and dreamed of a future together. But now, you’re still waiting for them to text back so you can make your move. The delay is affecting your imaginary kids!

  6. “I thought you didn’t recognize me, should I introduce you again?”
    It seems like this person has forgotten about you, so maybe you need to remind them who you are. Perhaps they had a head injury and forgot to text you back.

  7. “You could do this to me, fine. But promise me you won’t do the same to any other guy.”
    Not every guy has the superpower to remain patient and tolerate such ignorance. You’ve moved on, but you’re worried about other guys who might experience the same lack of response.

  8. “This is the last message I sent to you, it’s over and I’m out now.”
    If they’re not making it official, maybe you should. You can’t tolerate this level of nonsense when someone doesn’t text back.

  9. “Do you remember that autograph of your favorite celebrity I presented you on your birthday? Yes, actually, I bought that on eBay for four bucks.”
    This person thought you gave them everything, but little do they know it was all fake or cheaper than they thought.

  10. “I think that you’re no more in this world. May god bless your soul.”
    It’s time for a proper farewell. You should move on because they’re gone for good, and you’re free now.

  11. “If you don’t want to text back, fine. At least we could talk, then.”
    It’s hard for you to leave without even saying “goodbye.” You have so many memories with this person, and you don’t want to end things on such a sour note.

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Sarcastic Replies When Someone Ignores Your Texts

If this person is your crush or someone from a dating site who has been ignoring your texts, it’s clear that they’re not interested. It’s time to accept that and move on. Here are some sarcastic responses to help you express your frustration:

  1. “Did your phone get stolen? No? Then I wish it would. At least the robber might text me to stop texting this number anymore.”
    Even a burglar will feel for you, the way this person ignores your texts. But this person has a cold heart. How savage!

  2. “I know you’re shocked that I could ever message you, but look, I’m waiting for your response.”
    The last text you received from this girl was, “OMG, you’re so hot!” and that’s it. Maybe she thought she was dreaming that someone like you would ever talk to her. You sense that this person fainted and is not in a condition to respond to your text back.

  3. “If it’s in our destiny to separate this way, I’m ready for it. Maybe I already did, Bye!”
    You stopped caring for this person a long time ago, and your response shows that you’re unaffected by their lack of response.

  4. “Some people annoy others by texting too much. But you’re even worse, you could do it just by not texting back at all.”
    Let them know one last time that you’re done with their no-response policy. You’re not enjoying this game and quit it a long time ago.

  5. “I’ve found another woman, got married, and recently we had a baby. Sorry, I don’t want a date from you, in case you want to say ‘yes’ later.”
    Make it crystal clear to this person from a dating site that they shouldn’t even think about texting you. Even if she wants to say yes to a coffee date, years later, you’re beyond her reach now.

  6. “I just wanted to let you know that I won the lottery and I thought to share it with you.”
    Set up a trap for this person. If your crush isn’t interested in you but is after your money, you might just get a response.

  7. “Some people are boring, some are weird. But you’re not even human.”
    It’s impossible for any human to be so ignorant. It has to be the work of someone who isn’t part of our world.

  8. “It’s been two months, and I’m still waiting for your text that you reached home safely. Does it mean you’re homeless?”
    After your first date with her, you told her to text you when she got home. Maybe she’s ghosting you or has never found her way home. This is your conclusion.

  9. “I’ve already sent the medical emergency team to your place. In case you had a heart attack.”
    This is the last time you care for this person. You could drive to their home, but you don’t want to experience being ignored in person, just like over text. So you hire someone else to experience it for you.

  10. “You want to do this to me. Fine, look, I’m doing the same to you.”
    Communication and connection work when there are equal efforts. If they’re not responding to your texts, it’s time to reciprocate. It’s a two-sided game, after all.

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How Do You Deal With Someone Who Doesn’t Respond to Your Text?

While these messages may elicit a response or a laugh, it’s important to remember that sometimes silence speaks volumes. If someone consistently doesn’t respond to your texts, it’s likely a sign that they’re not interested in maintaining a connection with you. Instead of hoping for their response, it’s best to move on and focus on your own life. Remember, you deserve someone who values your time and effort.

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