Never Make These Mistakes When Cutting Down a Tree

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When it comes to tree maintenance, knowing what to do is essential. Equally important is understanding what not to do. If you’re planning to cut down a tree in your yard, it’s crucial to follow the right steps and avoid these common mistakes.

Trees are a valuable asset in any community landscape. They provide shade, oxygen, bear fruits or nuts, and exhibit breathtaking colors during the fall. However, there are instances when a tree develops issues and needs to be removed from your property. Cutting down a tree may seem straightforward when you watch it on TV or online, but it requires careful planning, the right equipment, and experience to ensure a successful outcome.

To help you navigate this process, here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to tree removal:

Follow These Steps for Efficiency and Safety

Do Know Your Limits

Before deciding to cut down a tree, consider your physical capabilities and the necessary knowledge and experience. Also, take into account any weather-related limitations that could impact the job. Not considering these factors can make the task much more difficult and increase the chances of failure.

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Do Choose the Right Equipment

Having the appropriate equipment is crucial for a successful tree cutting experience. Make sure to select the right chainsaw for the job. For smaller trees, a 16 to 18 inch bar is recommended, while a 20 to 24 inch bar is suggested for larger ones. Additionally, consider using a pole chainsaw for cutting hard-to-reach branches, as it eliminates the need to climb a ladder with a chainsaw in hand, which can be dangerous. Other tools like pruning shears and a chopping axe can also come in handy.

Do Clear the Trunk of Any Low Hanging Branches

To gain access to the trunk, it’s important to remove any low hanging branches that may obstruct your way. This will also prevent the tree from rolling towards unexpected areas once it falls, potentially causing damage to property.

Do Aim the Tree

A crucial part of cutting down a tree is planning where it will fall. Avoid aiming the tree towards structures like houses, cars, garages, or power lines. Consider the proximity of other trees as well, as a falling tree can uproot or damage neighboring trees if not done correctly.

Do Begin the Felling With a Notch

To guide the tree’s fall, create a directional notch on the side where you want it to go. This notch acts as a hinge, controlling the tree’s direction and avoiding accidents. The depth, angle, and placement of the notch are essential to ensure a controlled fall.

Never Do This When Cutting Down a Tree

Don’t Neglect Safety Gear

Having the right equipment is only half the battle. Wearing appropriate safety gear is equally important. Items such as heavy-duty work gloves, workman boots, goggles, hard hats, ear protection, pants, long-sleeved shirts, and dust masks are a must for a comfortable and injury-free tree cutting experience.

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Don’t Cut the Tree Blindly

Before starting the job, carefully examine the tree and its surroundings. Falling trees can cause significant damage to structures like houses, cars, garages, fences, power lines, and other trees. Even with careful consideration, the tree may fall in an unexpected direction due to natural leans. Take note of these factors to minimize risks.

Don’t Cut Down a Tree Without a Lookout

Having a lookout during the tree cutting process is crucial. They can provide a wider view and alert the person cutting the tree to any unexpected developments. A lookout also plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the team, warning them of any potential hazards overhead.

Don’t Forget Your Escape Routes

Planning an escape route is essential to avoid injuries or fatalities. Avoid the main trunk and any heavy limbs that may detach during the tree’s fall. The best escape route is at an angle, diagonally away from the direction of the fall. Additionally, clear any tripping hazards along the path to ensure a safe exit.

Don’t Get Careless

Cutting down a tree requires careful planning and execution. Even with a well-thought-out plan, carelessness can lead to property damage, injuries, or fatalities. Never make assumptions during the process and always have a backup plan. Remember to wear the appropriate safety gear, consider surrounding structures, use quality equipment, and plan your escape route meticulously.

Why Choose Hidden Oak Tree Care

Tree removal can be a challenging and hazardous task. It requires precise planning and execution, especially when removing large trees from residential or commercial properties. Hidden Oak Tree Care offers a safe, clean, and cost-effective solution for all your tree removal needs.

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With years of experience, Hidden Oak Tree Care is a fully licensed and insured company. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our team possesses extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and expertise to make your tree removal project a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

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Remember, when it comes to cutting down a tree, following the right steps and avoiding common mistakes is crucial. Stay safe and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained landscape.

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