Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You: A Letter of Self-Love


Have you ever loved someone who didn’t love you back? It’s a painful experience that many of us can relate to. We invest our emotions, hoping for reciprocation, but sometimes we end up disappointed. In this letter, I want to share my journey of loving someone who couldn’t love me. It’s a story of self-discovery, resilience, and the importance of self-love.

Falling For the Little Things

Love doesn’t always happen all at once. It’s a gradual process, built upon the little things that make a person special. I fell for the way you laughed mid-kiss, the way you looked at me like I was the most incredible thing in the world. Your vulnerability touched me deeply. But what you didn’t know was that I could never break your heart. To me, it was the most beautiful thing about you.

Revealing Vulnerabilities

We all have our pet peeves, and when you shared yours with me, it showed me a glimpse of who you truly are. Opening up and revealing your vulnerabilities takes courage. It made me admire your fierce uniqueness even more. I was captivated.

The Girl Who Cares

I wanted you to see that I would always be there for you, reminding you of your amazingness when life made you forget. Every moment spent with you was cherished because being near you was enough. I wanted to show you my love by making homemade chicken noodle soup when you were unwell. I believed in taking things slow to build something real. But I was also the girl who wouldn’t let herself be walked over.

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The Silence Speaks Volumes

But as the silence grew louder, I realized that sometimes no answer is an answer in itself. Was I not important enough to receive a simple text explaining your absence? Was I not worth enough to know where we stood? The silence built walls between us, and I couldn’t wait anymore. I deserved an answer, but more importantly, I deserved to be happy.

Choosing Self-Love

Waiting for something that will never happen only stagnates life. Love isn’t just about choosing to spend your life with someone; it’s an active choice we make every day. But amidst my desperate search for your love, I forgot to love myself. I lost sight of who I truly am and what makes me happy. Instead of waiting for a text that will never come, I chose to love myself every day. I reminded myself of my strength and that I deserve to be loved the way I wanted to love you. Someday, I will find someone who allows me to love them fully.

A Letter of Hope

To you, the reader: You are beautiful, amazing, and worthy of love. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please remember to love yourself first. Nothing will bring you more happiness than doing what is best for yourself. Don’t forget your worth, and if you ever do, remember to love yourself again. This letter may never reach the person it was meant for, but I hope it reaches someone who needs it. You deserve to be happy, free, and loved.

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