Love After Lockup: Catching Up with Your Favorite Cast Members

If you’re a fan of Love After Lockup, then you’ve probably noticed the exciting new segment airing on Thursday nights on WeTv. Yes, Love After Lockup is now bringing you update segments with some of your favorite past cast members. Finally, you can find out what’s happening in their lives right now!

In the first episode, we caught up with Stan “The Man” Smith and Tai Simpson. Stan has reunited with Lisa McGraw, who unfortunately finds herself back behind bars. But that’s not all – Stan also has a new love interest named Amber. Plus, we learned the heartbreaking news that Stan’s longtime companion, Samual the cat, passed away at the age of sixteen.

Meanwhile, Tai has found love herself with Reyna. In an interview with the YouTube channel Kiki and Kibbitz, Tai opened up about her new relationship. She describes it as her “first dip in the lady pool” and is confident that this time it’s for real.

The update segments didn’t stop there. We also caught up with Chazz Haribson, who is finally divorced from Branwin, and Glorietta Besos. Glorietta, known for her emotional balloon-filled reunion with inmate Alexander Bentley, showed off her “revenge body.” She’s moved on from Alex and now juggles not one, but three inmate relationships of her own.

Speaking of Alexander Bentley, he informed viewers that he would be turning himself in to face an outstanding warrant. Despite his upcoming legal troubles, he hopes to be there for the birth of his child. However, his recent arrest for stealing a child’s bike from a front yard raises concerns about his choices.

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Stan The Man and Tai Simpson

But wait, there’s more! The latest episodes also featured other cast updates, including:

Shavel & Qualyon – Love After Lockup Season 3

In an exclusive report, we learned that Shavel and Qualyon are engaged once again! They used their “Love After Lockup – Where Are They Now” segment to share their joyous news with fans and Qualyon’s mother. Shavel even treated her TikTok followers to a sneak peek of her ring before the segment aired.

Shavel & Qualyon

Lizzie Kommes – Love After Lockup Season 1

Since her release from prison four years ago, Lizzie has come a long way. She has found solace in her relationship with God and is proud to share that she is a recovering alcoholic. Lizzie acknowledges that her addiction caused significant damage to her relationship with her daughter, Jasmine. But she’s committed to repairing the cracks and living a sober, law-abiding life.

Lizzie Kommes

Jessika – Love During Lockup Season 2

Jessika had hoped for a happily ever after with her inmate boyfriend, Dustin Phillips. Unfortunately, their relationship took a dramatic turn shortly after Dustin’s release. Jessika discovered him in bed with another woman when she unexpectedly walked into their Tennessee home. She opened up about this heart-wrenching experience in an interview with the YouTube channel Kiki and Kibbitz.

Indie Treadwell – Life After Lockup Season 4

Indie wants everyone to know that even though she’s moved back to Maryland, Harry will always hold a special place in her heart. While Harry awaits the conclusion of his criminal case, Indie emphasizes that they will remain friends and co-parents. And despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Indie clarifies that her recent dancing video with castmate Kevin Hale was purely friendly.

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Kevin Hale – Life After Lockup Season 4

Kevin Hale, famously known for knocking out Kurtis without dropping his cigarette, admits to having many “relationships,” none of which are serious. Although Tiffany, his former flame, has moved on with a new boyfriend, she occasionally stops by. Kevin jokes that he always has to double-check his bedroom in case Kayla decides to leave something behind for someone else to find. While his encounter with Indie at a party raised eyebrows, Kevin maintains that it was just “club behavior.” However, he did meet someone special at that event – another inmate.

Kevin Hale

And that’s not all! We also heard an update about Felicia Garza, who pleaded guilty to participating in a COVID fraud scam. She and her partner fraudulently obtained almost two million dollars in PPP loans from the US government. Currently serving her sentence in a Federal Government Correctional Facility in Texas, Felicia is scheduled for release in February 2025. During her time in prison, she started a GoFundMe campaign to support her family.

Felicia Garza

Kevin’s involvement with Felicia during her incarceration raises questions about his loyalty. Nevertheless, Kevin prides himself on being a ladies’ man. He was recently spotted with Kayla on her social media, showcasing his plans for long-term financial success.

Make sure to tune in to WeTv on Thursday nights for more exciting “Where Are They Now?” updates! You never know when your favorite past cast member might make an appearance. If you have any thoughts or want to share who you’re most curious about, drop me a comment below. And for more fascinating content, visit the incredible world of 5 WS.

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