Locate the Sith Holocron in the Rave Cave

Video locate where the sith holocron in rave cave

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is packed with exciting quests, including the Vibin Quests. One of the challenges in this quest line involves collecting the Sith Holocron. Fear not, as finding this relic is a breeze – it can be found inside the Rave Cave.

The Fortnite island is abuzz with joyous loopers, celebrating their victory over the Imagined Order (IO). While everyone is reveling in the festivities, the secretive Scientist, a member of The Seven, is hard at work. His mission is to safeguard the Zero Point and Reality Zero from any potential threats.

But this period of tranquility may not last long. The Reality Tree is rapidly expanding, and its branches are engulfing various Points of Interest (POIs), transforming them and bringing back places from past seasons. There are rumors that Bloomwatcher, Fortnite’s newest antagonist, may soon make an appearance.

Finding the Sith Holocron in Fortnite is a breeze

The Scientist has been diligently ensuring the safety of the island by assigning important tasks to loopers. Among these tasks is the retrieval of relics that could potentially save Fortnite Island from impending doom. Even though the Zero Point is submerged, it remains exposed, making it possible for another villain to be lured into the game.

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The Sith Lord has already arrived on the island, seemingly minding his own business. However, considering his notorious past, it would be unwise to dismiss the possibility that Vader is up to no good. The Scientist’s order to defeat him, coupled with AMIE’s constant complaints about the relic, suggests that something suspicious is afoot.

It has now been revealed that the sought-after relic is the Sith Holocron. For those unfamiliar, a Holocron is a device from the Star Wars universe used to store information in the form of a hologram. Both Jedi and Sith utilize Holocrons, with Jedi Holocrons being cuboid in shape, and Sith Holocrons taking the form of tetrahedrons. Loopers have been tasked with stealing the Sith Holocron.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to locate the Sith Holocron:

Step 1: Enter the Rave Cave

  • Make your way to the Rave Cave and head towards the building that once housed IO’s bridge.

Step 2: Follow the Clues

  • On the ground level, towards the right side of the building, you will find an entrance. Look for visual signifiers displayed on the screen – white rhomboids with a black exclamation mark in between.

Step 3: Explore the Room

  • Once you enter the room, you’ll notice several shipping boxes scattered around. Open these boxes one by one, as there are a total of five boxes to pry open.

Step 4: Move to the Left

  • After opening the first set of boxes, proceed to the left half of the room.

Step 5: Find More Boxes

  • On the left side, you’ll come across two more boxes. Open them in the same manner as before.
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Step 6: Claim the Sith Holocron

  • Once you finish opening the last box, the Sith Holocron will appear on top of it.

Step 7: Collect the Relic

  • Take the Sith Holocron, completing the task. Throughout the process, AMIE, the Scientist’s AI assistant, will provide guidance.

Step 8: Alerting the Scientist

  • As soon as the task is completed, a shockwave will be sent, notifying the Scientist of your successful acquisition.

Collecting the Sith Holocron is crucial in your mission to protect Fortnite Island. Follow these steps carefully, and may the Force be with you!

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