Why Aren’t My Car Lights Flashing When I Lock My Dodge?

Video lights don't flash when locking car dodge

Are you experiencing the issue of your car lights not flashing when you lock your Dodge? Wondering what could be causing this inconvenience? Let’s dive into the possible reasons behind it and explore the solutions.

Possible Causes

1. Insufficient Door Seal

To begin troubleshooting, visually inspect all of your car doors, including the trunk, hatch, and hood, and ensure that they are securely closed. Even a small gap can prevent the lights from flashing.

2. Malfunctioning Car Sensors

Your car’s sensors are connected to the electrical system, which relies on the battery for power. If the battery is depleted, the sensors may fail to send the signal indicating that the doors are locked. In such cases, replacing the battery should resolve the issue.

3. Issues with the Hood Components

Check if the hood of your car is properly closed. If the lights still don’t flash when you lock the car, inspect the hood latch for any damage or obstruction. Lubricating the latch with a lithium-based spray can help free any jammed parts. Also, ensure that the hood latch is properly hinged and that the cables are correctly connected.

4. Faulty Bulbs

Burnt-out bulbs are a common reason for headlights not flashing when you lock your car. If you frequently use your headlights or leave them on during the day, they are more likely to wear out faster. In such cases, replacing the bulbs should fix the problem.

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5. Key Fob Issues

In most instances, if your key fob batteries are depleted, it can prevent the car from locking or unlocking, resulting in non-flashing lights. If you have a new key fob, check its programming as well, as it could be interfering with the locking mechanism.

6. Blown Fuse

A blown fuse can disrupt the entire electrical system of your car, leading to non-flashing exterior lights when you lock it.

How to Resolve the Issue

If you’re unable to make your headlights flash when you lock your car, here are some steps to help you resolve the problem:

  1. Ensure that all car doors are completely shut so that the lights can flash properly.

  2. If a drained car battery is the root cause, consider replacing it or fully charging it to avoid future electrical system issues.

  3. Verify that the hood components are securely in place. Refer to this video for instructions on properly securing the hood latch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Honda Hazard Lights Flashing When My Car is Locked?

In some cases, your hazard lights might be triggered when you lock your car. Check if any buttons on your key fob or factory alarm module are causing the hazard lights to flash. Additionally, a faulty relay switch could be responsible, so replacing it might be necessary.

Why is the Alarm Light in My Car Not Blinking?

If the alarm light in your car isn’t blinking, it could indicate a depleted battery. Make sure you’re using the correct key and that it isn’t damaged. Another possibility is that the anti-theft feature has been activated. Try resetting your car’s system or the factory alarm.

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair Car Headlights?

The cost of repairing car headlights varies depending on the model. Halogen bulbs, for instance, can cost around $20. On the other hand, newer car models may have headlights that range from $100 to $167, depending on the make and model.


Now that we’ve explored the possible causes and solutions for the issue of car lights not flashing when you lock your Dodge, you have the information and tips you need to resolve the problem. Remember to check your car doors, inspect the battery, and ensure the hood components are functioning correctly. If all else fails, consult a professional. Feel free to share this article with your friends who might find it helpful.

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