I Dream of Becoming a Nurse in the Future

Video i want to be a nurse when i grow up

How I Discovered My Passion for Many Things

Growing up, I was one of those kids who easily got bored. I would constantly daydream and eagerly explore new hobbies. The piano, ballet, netball, volleyball, water polo, pottery classes – the list goes on. My parents never complained; they always supported my diverse interests and encouraged me to give my all in whatever I pursued.

Navigating the Career Crossroads

As I grew older and began contemplating my future career after high school, I found myself grappling with indecision. I was torn between various options, but one profession that strongly resonated with me was nursing. It seemed like a natural fit, considering my mother, aunts, and grandmother were all remarkable nurses. However, my mother, who loved her job and cared deeply for her patients, advised me against following in her footsteps. After over four decades in the healthcare industry, she retired feeling exhausted, undervalued, and subjected to workplace bullying. I listened to her and decided to explore other paths.

Reflecting on The State of Our Nurses

Last night, a friend of mine named Pippa expressed her thoughts about the nurses’ strike on Facebook. It reminded me of the immense dedication my mother had shown throughout her career and the frustrations that our nurses must be experiencing. Reading Pippa’s post left me feeling a sense of sadness – saddened by the fact that one of the most vital roles in our society is currently in such dire need. It deeply troubles me that many individuals, including myself, are not choosing to embark on this essential profession.

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Standing in Solidarity with New Zealand Nurses

Today, I stand in solidarity with Pippa and all the other nurses in New Zealand who have gone on strike. Their cause resonates with me and countless others. Here’s an excerpt from Pippa’s Facebook post, which captures her reasons for joining the strike:

Maintaining Safe Staffing Levels

Every day, I witness the alarming realities that have become commonplace within our healthcare system. Insufficient staffing levels have created an unsafe environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. Nursing has shifted from caring for individuals to focusing on completing tasks within limited time. To ensure our patients’ safety and well-being, we find ourselves staying longer at work, even on our own time.

Why Must We Fight for Safe Staffing?

It baffles me why nurses have to take a stand for legally mandated safe staffing levels. This should already be a requirement, not a battle we have to fight.

An Interesting Observation

Interestingly, the District Health Board (DHB) has made arrangements to cover “Life Preserving Services” (LPS) throughout the hospital on the strike day. It’s worth noting that many areas will actually have better staffing on this day than they typically do. Quite thought-provoking how the media has overlooked these details.

The Issue of Retention

Nursing is gradually losing its appeal as a profession in New Zealand. The retention rate for our own trained and educated new graduates is dishearteningly low. Why would these young nurses choose to stay when countries like Australia and other foreign lands offer safer work environments and better pay?

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Disappointing Performance by the DHBs

Throughout the negotiation process, the district health boards have greatly disappointed me with their information releases to the media. While the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) has consistently operated in good faith and honored their agreements, the DHBs have twisted information to undermine nurses’ public support. It’s disheartening that some might believe the average nurse earns a hefty annual income of $93,000. If only that were true!

Striking for the Public’s Well-being

Ultimately, the main reason I join the strike tomorrow is for you, the public. We want to provide you with safe and quality care. Nursing might not be my lifelong pursuit, but healthcare will always be a crucial necessity. When the time comes, we all want a robust and thriving healthcare system capable of caring for us, our families, and our loved ones.

See you on the picket line tomorrow! xxx


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