I Know What You Did Last Summer: A Surprising Encounter

An Unexpected Reunion

Helen’s Concerns

Approaching Missy Egan’s house, Helen voices her concerns to Julie. Worried about potential danger, she asks, “What if they’re waiting for us? What if they recognize us? They could have a gun and shoot us dead.”

Julie’s Reassurance

Julie tries to calm Helen’s fears, reminding her that it has been a year since their actions and any harm could have already been done. She responds, “It’s been a year, Helen, they could have done that already.”

Helen’s Reference

Drawing inspiration from a famous movie, Helen recalls a similar situation where Jodie Foster encountered a skin-ripping serial killer when answering the door. She highlights the risks they potentially face.

The Failed Attempt

As Julie knocks on the front door twice, no one answers. Accepting the situation, Helen remarks, “Well, it was a good try.”

A Sneaky Move

With Helen growing more nervous, Julie decides to explore further. She walks away from the front door and goes around to the side of the house. Climbing onto some logs, she tries to peek into the side window.

Helen’s Concerns Resurface

Observing Julie’s actions, Helen questions their decision to potentially engage in breaking and entering. She asks, “We’re adding Breaking and Entering to our crime spree?”

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A Chance Encounter

Missy Egan’s Arrival

As Julie tries to get a closer look through the side window, Missy Egan, the owner of the house, approaches the girls.

A Friendly Introduction

Julie nervously greets Missy Egan, saying, “Oh, um… Hi.” They share a laugh, and Julie continues, “Uh, our car stalled down the road and we were just wondering if, maybe, we could use your phone?”

A Helpful Gesture

Missy Egan guides Julie into her living room, pointing out the location of the phone. Julie then requests, “Oh, thanks. Um… Jodie… would you call Triple A?”

Unveiling Personal Connections

While Helen is on the phone, Julie engages in conversation with Missy Egan. Missy reveals that she went to Southport High, where Julie recognizes her from. They discuss their school years, and Missy mentions her brother, David, who sadly passed away last July.

Extending Sympathy

Julie expresses her condolences upon hearing about David’s death. Missy acknowledges the kind gesture with a simple “Thanks.”

Missy’s Solitary Life

Missy shares that she currently lives alone as her dad passed away long ago, and her mother resides in a home in Aurora. Missy mentions that her mother didn’t handle David’s death well, and things haven’t been the same since.

The Arrival of Help

Helen returns to the room with the news that assistance is on its way. Grateful for Missy’s hospitality, Julie and Helen accept her offer to make them a cup of tea while they wait.

Memories and Questions

As they wait, Helen and Julie look at the pictures in Missy’s living room. Helen remembers David’s friend and asks Missy if she knows his name.

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A Faint Memory

Missy admits that she didn’t know many of David’s friends, but there was one guy who came to pay his respects shortly after David’s death. She recalls that they were briefly interested in each other but things didn’t work out. The guy’s name was Billy Blue.

A Sudden Departure

Curious about Billy’s whereabouts, Helen asks Missy if she remembers his last name. Missy confirms it is Blue but admits she doesn’t know where he is now.

A Swift Exit

Feeling uneasy, Julie suggests they wait by the car. Sensing Julie’s discomfort, Helen agrees. They thank Missy for her kindness and head towards the car.

This thrilling encounter leaves the girls with more questions and a sense of underlying mystery. What role does Billy Blue play in their past and their current situation? The answers remain elusive, but one thing is certain: their summer is about to take an unexpected turn.

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