I Can’t See Who Super Swiped Me on Bumble

How To Tell Who Super Swiped You in Bumble

Bumble recently introduced the Super Swipe feature, which allows you to show a special someone that you’re really into them. Instead of just swiping right on their Bumble profile, you can Super Swipe their profile to let them know you’re VERY interested. In return, someone else can send you a Super Swipe if they are interested in you. The Super Swipe option is part of the premium features on the Bumble dating app designed to increase your match rate.

How Does Bumble Super-Swipe Work?

Super Swipes can be purchased using Bumble Coins. Each Super Swipe costs one coin. When someone Super Swipes your profile, it means they’ve actually paid for the feature either by purchasing the premium service or the individual swipe.

Without the Super Swipe option, you would have to wait for a potential match to be made. If the person you like swipes right on your profile, they will appear in your connections, and you can start chatting. However, if they don’t swipe right, you won’t be able to connect with them.

The Super Swipe option eliminates the waiting game and makes it easier for you to engage with the people you like. But how can you tell who Super Swiped you on Bumble? The process is simple. Let’s walk through it.

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How to Determine Who Super Swiped You

Bumble has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the dating process and interaction with the app. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy won’t miss any important connections.

1. You’ll Get a Notification

When a Bumble user Super Swipes you while browsing potential matches, you will receive a notification. The notification will specify that it is a Super Swipe, letting you know that someone is showing special interest in you.

Notification Example

2. Check Your Feed

If someone Super Swipes you, you will see a message when their profile appears in your feed. The message will be displayed next to their profile photo, indicating that they have Super Swiped you. This is how you can identify who is really interested in you.

How to Get More Super Swipes

Being popular on dating apps is always a nice feeling, especially when someone decides to spend their Bumble coins to Super Swipe you. There are some tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of getting Super Swiped.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Choose the Right Photos

Start with uploading several good-looking photos of yourself on Bumble. Avoid using excessive filters that make you look unrecognizable. It’s also beneficial to include photos of yourself engaging in activities or laughing.

A little trick when posting selfies and portraits is to take a picture of your left side. People tend to prefer the left side in portraits, which may increase your chances of getting a Super Swipe.

2. Fill Out the About Section

Bumble provides you with 300 characters to write a captivating bio. Make sure you use all of them to write a few funny and catchy lines that can grab attention. Avoid lying about yourself, but feel free to ask questions or call users to action.

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About Section Example

Super Swiping by Mistake

Super Swiping someone by mistake is a common problem on Bumble. Many users report accidentally Super Swiping someone. If it happens to you, don’t worry; it’s not a big deal. If you’ve been Super Swiped but the match never contacts you, it could mean that they Super Swiped you by mistake.

But don’t take it personally. Super Swipes are easy to do by accident, and almost everyone on Bumble makes this mistake at some point. If you want to undo a Super Swipe, we have an entire article that explains how to do it.

The Final Swipe

It’s easy to tell who is interested in you on Bumble. Pay close attention to your feed and the messages that appear next to other users’ profile photos. Super Swipe is a powerful tool that can translate into more matches, so give it a try and see the results for yourself.

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