How to Attach a Scope to an Air Rifle

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In recent times, we’ve received numerous inquiries about the best method for mounting a riflescope on an air rifle. Fear not, you don’t need to visit a gunsmith for this task. Here, we will explain the optimal approach to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

To guarantee both clarity and accuracy, it is crucial that tutorials are not only comprehensible but also 100% correct. That’s why we enlisted the assistance of “AirBuddha” Bj√∂rn, who shared his invaluable tips with us.

First Step: Positioning the Scope on the Air Rifle

Selecting the appropriate riflescope mount is an entire topic in itself. For the purposes of this article, let’s assume you have already made your decision regarding the riflescope and the corresponding mounts.

Initially, you need to determine the correct eye relief. To achieve this, rest your head comfortably on the cheek piece while holding the scope over the rifle. Then, position the riflescope at a distance that allows for a clear picture without any black borders. This position signifies the correct distance for the riflescope. Remember this position or continue to hold the scope in this exact placement.

Now, place the lower section of the one-piece or two-piece riflescope mount onto the 11-mm scope rail or Picatinny rail. Subsequently, position the riflescope onto the mounts. As an additional precaution, quickly verify that the image still fits appropriately. Finally, take the upper parts of the mounts and gently screw them on.

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Second Step: Ensuring Levelness of the Reticle

The next step is to ensure that the reticle is perfectly level. For this purpose, align the vertical line in the reticle with a completely vertical reference point.

Should you not find a suitable structure around you, a string with a weight suspended from a hook can serve the purpose. Gravity will naturally create a perfect vertical line.

Now, employ a spirit level and place it on your air rifle to ensure perfect alignment. Once level, adjust the scope until the vertical line of the reticle (crosshairs) aligns precisely with the plumb line.

Third Step: Fitting the Scope to the Air Rifle

Once you have completed the aforementioned steps, hand-tighten the screws of the scope mount. Ensure that the distance between the upper and lower parts of the mounts is identical on both sides of the riflescope. This aspect is not essential for functionality, but it significantly enhances the overall appearance. Finally, tighten the screws alternately until reaching an approximate torque of 5 to 8 Newton.

Fourth Step: Zeroing In the Riflescope

Congratulations! You are now halfway to success. It is crucial to test the setup to ensure accurate targeting.

It is recommended to fire the first shot at a target from a relatively short distance. This allows for detection of any severe misalignment. Even if the riflescope is completely off-center, you should still hit somewhere on the target. You can then adjust accordingly.

To make the necessary adjustments, utilize the elevation and windage turrets on your riflescope. Be aware that not all riflescope manufacturers follow the same adjustment mechanism. Some scopes may move the hit point downwards when the elevation turret is turned clockwise, while others may move it upwards. Consult the user manual for detailed instructions.

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Alternatively, you can opt for a straightforward check. Make ten clockwise clicks and observe how the hit point shifts. Once you determine the direction of movement, continue turning the adjustment in that same direction until achieving precise targeting.

If Necessary: Assess Grouping

When using a recoiling air rifle, achieving consistency can be more challenging. Pay close attention to the placement of each shot. It is exceptionally difficult to achieve pinpoint accuracy with every single shot. For instance, if you notice that all ten rounds consistently hit the upper-right area, carefully adjust the scope down to the lower-left and conduct the next test round.

In these scenarios, trial and error over an extended period may be necessary. Unless you have exceptional shooting skills, it is unlikely that you will obtain representative results from the first shot alone.

Note that there are alternative methods for mounting and zeroing a riflescope. However, for the purposes of this article, we have chosen to focus on the one described here.

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