How to Determine the Quality of Cannabis Seeds

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The quality of cannabis seeds plays a crucial role in the success of your growing endeavors. High-quality seeds can lead to bountiful yields and thriving plants, while low-quality seeds may not even sprout. Before you embark on your next cultivation project, it is essential to obtain marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank. This ensures that you avoid subpar seeds and disappointing outcomes. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when shopping for cannabis seeds. By paying attention to these criteria, you increase the likelihood of successful plant growth.


Cannabis seeds come in various shades, including brown, yellow, gold, and even green. While healthy seeds can exhibit a range of appearances, there are certain colors that should raise a red flag. Typically, high-quality seeds have a pale brown color with patches of darker browns and blacks, creating a “tortoiseshell” or “tiger stripe” pattern. Moreover, premium seeds have a glossy, reflective sheen that gives them a youthful and vibrant appearance. On the other hand, green or white seeds are often immature and harvested prematurely. Although some of these seeds may still germinate, their success rate tends to be low. Furthermore, older seeds appear withered, dried, and crumbly. They lack the waxy sheen and appear more wrinkled. In extreme cases, they may even turn completely black. Similar to immature seeds, excessively old seeds have passed their prime and offer poor germination rates and less-vigorous plants.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of cannabis seeds can vary even within the same strain due to genetics. Some seeds are small and oblong, while others are larger and more spherical. However, it is important to note that size and shape are not reliable indicators of seed quality when compared to color and texture.

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Healthy cannabis seeds have a firm and robust texture. When you press them between your thumb and index finger, they should not give in to pressure. Immature seeds tend to deform easily due to their high water content and lack of structure. Older seeds, on the other hand, crumble to dust under slight pressure.


The origin of your cannabis seeds significantly influences their quality. Using seeds obtained from an unknown source is akin to playing a game of chance. While you might get lucky and grow high-quality cannabis, the chances are higher that you will end up with mediocre results. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase your seeds from reputable seed banks. These establishments provide in-depth reviews from fellow growers, allowing you to gather information about the expected effects, tastes, and yields of different strains. Moreover, professional seed banks go to great lengths to offer seeds with high germination rates and exceptional quality.

The Float Test

Another method to assess the quality of cannabis seeds is the “float test.” Place your seeds in a glass of water and leave them for a couple of hours. Seeds that sink to the bottom are more likely to germinate and produce better-quality plants compared to those that remain on the surface.


Ultimately, the most reliable way to determine the genetic quality of a seed is by germinating it. Poor-quality seeds often fail to sprout at all, while mid-grade seeds may take an extended period of time to germinate. On the other hand, high-quality seeds will develop a taproot within a matter of days.

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Early Stages of Growth

Once your seeds have germinated, you can continue to evaluate the quality of your plants over the next few weeks. Healthy seedlings will produce dark green “true” leaves and exhibit impressive turgidity. To maximize their potential, ensure they receive adequate lighting and are planted in high-quality soil.

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