How to Eliminate Weed Smell from Your Car

Consuming cannabis while driving may not be the smartest move, but there may be times when you find yourself smoking weed in a parked car. Whether it’s because you can’t smoke in your house, the weather isn’t suitable for smoking outside, or you simply enjoy the comfort of your car while indulging in your favorite podcast, getting rid of that lingering weed smell is essential. Fortunately, there are several effective methods to eliminate the odor from both your car fabric and vents.

Tried and True Techniques

Over the years, cannabis enthusiasts have come up with various solutions to tackle the issue of a strong weed smell inside a car. Here are some classic methods that have proven to be effective:

1. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a popular choice for many people. From hanging trees to sprays and vent clips, there is a wide variety of options available. While these can help mask odors, they may not completely eliminate the smell. Consider using a car diffuser with essential oils or a car air purifier for a more effective approach.

2. Odor Absorbers

If the smell isn’t too overwhelming, odor absorbers like baking soda, coffee beans or grounds, and activated charcoal can be effective. Sprinkle these substances on carpets and upholstery, and they will absorb the odor. However, be prepared for a thorough cleanup afterward, as you’ll need a powerful handheld vacuum.

3. Odor Neutralizers and Eliminators

When air fresheners and absorbers don’t do the trick, it’s time to try neutralizers and eliminators. There are many sprays available on the market, including some specifically designed for cannabis odors. However, keep in mind that many of these sprays contain toxic chemicals and should be used with caution, especially in small, enclosed spaces like car interiors. Natural and cannabis-specific odor removers are also available, although they may provide temporary relief and require periodic use.

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The Ultimate Plan of Attack

If you’re serious about getting rid of the weed smell in your car, a thorough deep clean or professional detailing is your best bet. Follow these steps for the most long-lasting results:

  1. Clear out all clutter, garbage, and any actual weed or accessories.
  2. Vacuum all upholstery, surfaces, and carpets.
  3. Use a foam upholstery shampoo or an upholstery cleaning machine for a light or deep clean, respectively.
  4. Replace the air filter.
  5. While the car is running and the A/C is set to recirculation mode, use an ozone machine to deodorize the car. Make sure to air out the car thoroughly before driving.
  6. Finish off with an air freshener of your choice to maintain a fresh scent.

A Low-Maintenance Alternative

Consider using a vape option instead of smoking cannabis in your car. Although vapes may be a bit pricier than traditional flower, they guarantee a non-smelly car after use. Alternatively, if you choose to smoke, make sure to air out your car thoroughly while staying on top of regular cleaning and maintenance.

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Remember, it’s important to be responsible and considerate when consuming cannabis, especially in a shared space like a car.

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