How to Solve Lights Flickering When Your AC Turns On

Have you ever noticed that the lights in your home flicker slightly whenever your HVAC system kicks in? It can be quite annoying and may leave you wondering if there’s something wrong. But fear not, Murrieta homeowners, because we have all the answers you need to put your mind at ease.

The Normal Flicker

When your air conditioner starts up, it requires a significant amount of electricity. This initial surge of power can cause a temporary voltage drop, affecting other appliances like your lights. As a result, you may experience a slight flickering. In most cases, this is completely normal, especially if the dimming lasts less than a second and your lights lose about 5 percent of their brightness. It’s just a temporary consequence of high demand on your home’s power supply, especially in older houses that weren’t built to handle the power requirements of modern AC units.

When to Worry

While a little flickering is usually harmless, there are instances when it could signal a more significant issue. If your lights constantly flicker, brighten before flickering, or dim significantly, it’s best to investigate further. Let’s explore a couple of possible causes:

Damaged or Loose Wires

Do you notice your lights rapidly turning on and off when your AC kicks in? This could be a sign of damaged or loose wires. Discolored or charred wiring can lead to a loss of current, causing your lights to flicker or dim more noticeably. If you suspect damaged wiring, it’s essential to call a professional AC repair service right away to have the problem inspected and resolved.

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Damaged or Loose Wires

Damaged or Weak Capacitor

A normal dimming of 3-5 percent is expected when your AC starts up, but if your lights lose almost half of their brightness, you may have a damaged or weak capacitor. The capacitor provides the necessary power for your compressor motor to start. Over time, capacitors can lose their ability to store energy, causing your AC unit to draw more voltage from other appliances. This can result in a much more significant dimming of your lights. To address this issue, it’s best to call an AC repair professional who can assess your capacitor and replace it if necessary.

Overloaded Circuit

If you hear crackling or sizzling sounds along with the dimming of your lights, or if your lights go out completely when your AC turns on, you may be dealing with an overloaded circuit. Your air conditioner requires its own dedicated circuit to function safely. If other appliances are sharing the same circuit as your AC, it can overload the system. This is especially common in older homes that weren’t originally designed for modern air conditioners. An overloaded circuit is dangerous and can lead to fires or electric shocks. If you suspect an overloaded circuit, unplug any appliances on the same circuit as your AC immediately. Then, call an AC repair professional to inspect your home’s electrical system and find a solution that avoids overloading.

Overloaded Circuit

Don’t Panic, but Be Vigilant

In most cases, flickering lights are nothing to worry about. They are simply a consequence of your AC unit’s initial energy pull and don’t pose any danger. However, if you’ve noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above or if you’re still concerned about the flickering lights in your Murrieta home, reach out to the experts at ProFlo today. Call (951) 694-1300, and their team will investigate the issue and provide high-quality AC repair services right away.

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Remember, it’s essential to address any electrical concerns promptly to ensure the safety and comfort of your home. So, keep an eye on those flickering lights and let the professionals handle the rest. For more information about various topics, check out the 5 WS Wiki.

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