How Old Was The Beast When He Was Cursed

Video how old was the beast when he was cursed

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One of the most intriguing discussions that arose during a recent re-watch of Beauty and the Beast at my birthday party was about the timeline of the movie. How long had the Beast been under the curse? Lumiere’s comment in the song “Be Our Guest,” where he mentions “for 10 years we’ve been rusting,” suggests that they have been enchanted for a decade. However, we also know that the Beast must find love before the last rose petal falls on his 21st birthday. So, how does this all add up?

The Witch Cursed a Little Kid

If we assume that they have indeed been under the enchantment for 10 years, and the Beast is currently 20 years old, it implies that he was merely 10 when he was cursed. Take a moment to let that sink in—a witch cursed a 10-year-old boy to this dreadful fate simply because he refused to let a stranger into his house. This revelation challenges the notion that the Beast was a terrible person who needed to learn a significant lesson, especially if he was still just a child.

for 10 years we

The Beast Doesn’t Age While He’s Cursed

While the idea of the Beast remaining the same age throughout the curse is intriguing, it raises a contradiction. If he was already 20 when the curse was cast and he doesn’t age, then how can his 21st birthday be approaching? On the other hand, if he was a child when the curse took hold, why is there a portrait in the castle depicting the Beast as a human of his current age? Did someone have the uncanny ability to predict his future appearance?

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for 10 years we

Lumiere Likes to Exaggerate

Perhaps the answer lies in Lumiere’s tendency to embellish the truth to gain sympathy. It’s possible that he exaggerated and stretched the truth a little when he mentioned “10 years.” Maybe it has only been 2 or 3 years since the curse took hold, but the extensive duration of their enchantment makes it feel like a decade.

for 10 years we

Chip Was an Infant When He Was Cursed

At the end of the movie, we witness Chip transforming back into a young boy. Although he does not appear to be 10 years old, let’s assume for the sake of argument that he is. This implies that when everyone was cursed, Chip was less than a year old—a mere baby bound to grow up as a teacup! The thought of it is both heartwarming and somewhat amusing.

for 10 years we

Someone Made a Mistake

Perhaps, sadly, the most plausible explanation is that someone made an oversight. It’s possible that the writers didn’t carefully consider the timeline when including the line about “10 years.” Unfortunately, this discrepancy between being told that a decade has passed and the existence of a portrait depicting the Beast as a human between the ages of 18 to 20 seems to be irreconcilable. As much as I wish there was a logical explanation, it appears that a mistake may have been made.

Do you have any explanations for this?

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