How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?

Lifted trucks are a common sight on the roads these days. Truck enthusiasts love to modify their vehicles with lift kits, which not only enhance the truck’s appearance but also provide several practical benefits. From improving off-road performance to fixing suspension issues, lift kits can do it all. However, the cost of lifting a truck depends on various factors, such as the type of lift kit and additional upgrades required. While there are affordable options available, lifting a truck can be quite expensive.

Why Lift Your Truck?

People choose to lift their trucks for two main reasons: aesthetics and capability. A lifted truck undeniably looks impressive and showcases the owner’s craftsmanship. However, many find it difficult to justify the high cost of a lift kit for purely cosmetic purposes. On the other hand, enhancing a truck’s capability through a lift provides a more practical and cost-effective solution. Even a slight increase in ride height allows for the installation of larger tires, improving off-road performance. Higher ground clearance becomes advantageous in both recreational and work-related scenarios.

Off-road enthusiasts benefit from lift kits for their hobby, but work trucks also enjoy advantages such as enhanced ride quality while carrying heavy loads. Furthermore, a lift kit enables access to hard-to-reach work sites during infrastructure construction.

Most Common Trucks to Lift

Ford, RAM, Chevy, Nissan, and Toyota pickup trucks are commonly lifted, as they are among the best-selling vehicles on the market. These trucks also have strong aftermarket support, making it easy to find lift kits and other accessories. Models such as Ford F-150s, Dodge Ram 1500s, Chevy Silverados, and Toyota Tacomas are frequently lifted. Jeep Wranglers are even more popular since they come from the factory with superior off-road capability. Some trucks, like the Ford Raptor, RAM 1500 TRX, and Chevy Silverado ZR2, are already lifted from the factory and equipped with additional performance parts for off-road readiness.

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Types of Lifts

There are two main types of lift kits available, each with its own considerations. Let’s take a look at them:


Spacers are inexpensive discs or blocks installed on top of a coil spring, providing one to three inches of extra ground clearance. They are easy to install, don’t require extensive modifications or changes to OEM parts, and have no impact on the existing spring rate. However, spacers come with some drawbacks. They can fall out if not properly attached, causing wear on suspension components. Additionally, they do not add spring travel or significantly improve capability. Nonetheless, spacers are a budget-friendly option for achieving a lifted look without major suspension upgrades.

Torsion Key Lift

Torsion key lifts are common in many trucks and some SUVs. By adjusting the key attached to the chassis and suspension or axle, one to two inches of ground clearance can be added. While inexpensive and easy to install, excessive tinkering with the factory torsion keys can lead to issues like suspension wear and alignment problems. To increase capability, aftermarket torsion key lifts are available. Installation costs can range from nothing (if DIY) to a few hundred dollars for a full kit.

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are a popular and relatively affordable way to add one to two inches of ground clearance to a truck. They compensate for the higher rear ride height that most pickup trucks have due to increased hauling and towing capacity. Leveling kits can use spacers, suspension components, torsion keys, or blocks for trucks with leaf springs. Some kits combine all three methods. Costs range from around $50 to over $500 depending on the complexity of the kit. More expensive kits often include upgraded components to maintain suspension geometry and prevent stock part wear.

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Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are among the most popular ways to lift trucks, but they can also be the most expensive and difficult to install. These kits include various components such as shocks, sway bars, coil springs, control arms, and leaf springs. The cost depends on the quality and quantity of components included. Cheaper kits may cost as little as $150 and are usually limited to the rear of the truck. On the other hand, sophisticated kits can cost nearly $10,000 and require professional installation due to extensive modifications. Suspension lift kits provide the most significant increase in ground clearance and off-road capability.

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are available for pickup trucks and some SUVs with body-on-frame construction. These kits elevate the body from the frame using blocks, resulting in increased truck height. Body lift kits are less popular than suspension lift kits, but they offer a lower installation cost and do not affect the stock suspension or OEM parts. They also allow for larger tires and maintain the truck’s standard hauling and towing capacity. Costs range from under $100 to around $2,000 for premium kits that fit larger trucks. Body and suspension lift kits can be combined for even greater lift height, but the expenses can exceed $20,000.

Lifting Costs Explained

The cost of lifting a truck depends on several factors. The type of lift chosen is the primary consideration. Suspension lift kits tend to be more expensive due to the higher number of components and potential modifications required. Size is another factor influencing the cost. Lift kits for smaller trucks like the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier generally cost less than those for larger trucks such as the Ford F-250. Installation costs also play a significant role. While DIY installation is possible, professional installation ensures the job is done correctly, even though it can increase the overall cost.

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Long-term costs should also be taken into account. Lift kits require maintenance, although simple solutions generally have lower maintenance needs. Opting for quality lift kits with reliable parts results in lower maintenance costs compared to cheaper alternatives. It’s worth noting that some dealerships or service centers may refuse to service vehicles with certain aftermarket parts.

Other considerations stemming from lift kits include fuel efficiency and resale value. Larger tires installed for increased ground clearance can lead to decreased fuel economy due to higher rolling resistance. Additionally, simply adding a lift may not increase the truck’s resale value and could potentially lower it in some cases.

Overall, lifting a truck involves careful consideration of the type of lift kit, costs, and long-term implications. Balancing the desired look with the practical benefits will help truck enthusiasts make an informed decision about lifting their vehicles.

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