How Many Lands Exist in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

I must admit, as much as I adore Kirby games, I often find myself wishing they were longer. While I thoroughly enjoy the gameplay in each installment I’ve played (excluding Tilt ‘n’ Tumble), I never quite want them to end.

I’m sure many players feel the same way. While I appreciate the addition of mini-games to extend the lifespan of the games, I often wish there were more worlds or stages to explore.

Traditionally, Kirby games have featured around 4-6 stages in a world, with approximately 5-6 worlds in total. Thus, I was expecting the same for Kirby and The Forgotten Land. Unfortunately, I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed—this game follows the same pattern.

However, this time feels different. Kirby and The Forgotten Land introduces new elements that make it feel less repetitive than previous entries in the franchise. Players can now acquire upgraded abilities, add new skills to their roster, and even unleash special abilities from larger objects in Mouthful Mode—a first for the series.

Moreover, Kirby and The Forgotten Land goes beyond the main story, taking a page from Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Even though I’ve finished the main story, I know I’ll be playing this game for months to come because there’s so much more to do—and this time, I’m genuinely interested!

Now, let’s dive into the details of the various worlds available in Kirby and The Forgotten Land. Please note that the following section contains spoilers. I’ll ensure that the spoilers are sufficiently below so you can avoid them if needed. I’ll cover all the worlds and what they offer, even if they deviate from the classic concept of “worlds.”

How Long Does Kirby and The Forgotten Land Last?

Currently, the average playtime for Kirby and The Forgotten Land’s main game is reported to be between 10-20 hours. The duration varies depending on whether players engage in side objectives, complete all missions, and choose to play on Wild Mode or Spring-Easy Mode.

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However, it’s essential to note that Kirby and The Forgotten Land offers much more than just the main story. The side content is equally enjoyable, although personal preferences and interests will determine which content players partake in.

How Many Worlds Are There in Kirby and The Forgotten Land?

Kirby and The Forgotten Land consists of 6 main worlds that players must complete to finish the main story. Additionally, players have access to a “home base” world called Waddle Dee Town, which includes numerous mini-games and challenges.

There is also post-game content available, but I will not delve into that in this section to avoid spoiling the surprises. The post-game information will be covered in the next section. If you wish to avoid spoilers, please refrain from scrolling beyond World 6.

Now, let’s explore each world and the number of levels it contains.

World One: Natural Plains

Natural Plains serves as the game’s introductory world, featuring 4 regular levels and 1 boss battle. As the name suggests, expect lush greenery and grassy landscapes, making it somewhat of a tutorial world.

Levels in Natural Plains:

  • Downtown Grasslands
  • Through the Tunnel
  • Rocky Rollin’ Road
  • A Trip to Alivel Mall

Boss Battle:

  • The Brawl at the Mall

World Two: Everbay Coast

Everbay Coast is the second world in Kirby and The Forgotten Land, comprising 4 level maps and 1 boss battle. This world showcases beach-themed levels, with no underwater segments—an aspect that beach-loving players like me will appreciate.

Levels in Everbay Coast:

  • Abandoned Beach
  • Concrete Isles
  • Scale the Cement Summit
  • Fast Flowing Waterworks
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Boss Battle:

  • The Tropical Terror

World Three: Wondaria Remains

Wondaria Remains is the third world, offering 4 regular levels and 1 boss battle. This world features a theme park with darker undertones, suggesting a post-apocalyptic or “takeover” atmosphere.

Levels in Wondaria Remains:

  • Welcome to Wondaria
  • Circuit Speedway
  • Invasion at the House of Horrors
  • The Wondaria Dream Parade

Boss Battle:

  • Danger Under the Big Top

World Four: Winter Horns

Winter Horns serves as the fourth world, presenting players with 4 regular maps and 1 boss battle. This snow-filled world incorporates mechanics revolving around wind and ice.

Levels in Winter Horns:

  • Northeast Frost Street
  • Metro on Ice
  • Windy, Freezing Seas
  • The Battle of Blizzard Bridge

Boss Battle:

  • An Unexpected Beast King

World Five: Originull Wasteland

Originull Wasteland, the fifth world, contains 4 regular maps and 1 boss battle. This world revolves around desert-themed levels and pays homage to a previous world.

Levels in Originull Wasteland:

  • The Wastes Where Life Began
  • Searching the Oasis
  • Alivel Mall (Staff Side)
  • Moonlight Canyon

Boss Battle:

  • Collector in the Secret Valley

World Six: Redgar Forbidden Lands

Redgar Forbidden Lands, the sixth world, offers 5 regular maps and 4 boss battles. This desolate and dark world provides the most challenging experience in the game. Even seasoned players may encounter extra difficulty here.

Levels in Redgar Forbidden Lands:

  • Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands
  • Conquer the Inferno Road
  • Burning, Churning Power Plant
  • Gathering of the Beast Council
  • The Beast Pack’s Final Stand

Boss Battles:

  • The Presence of the King
  • Lab Discoveria (featuring 3 bosses)

Home Base: Waddle Dee Town (Not Technically a “World”)

Waddle Dee Town serves as the central area where players can upgrade their weapons and ensure they have sufficient resources to progress through the stages. To unlock new buildings, players must rescue Waddle Dees. The available buildings encompass:

  • Colosseum
  • Fishing Pond
  • Game Parlor
  • Gotcha Machine Alley
  • Kirby’s House
  • Main Plaza
  • Observation Tower
  • Waddle Dee Café
  • Waddle Dee-liveries
  • Waddle Dee’s Item Shop
  • Waddle Dee’s Weapons Shop
  • Waddle Live! Corner Stage
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What Are the Post-Game Worlds in Kirby and The Forgotten Land?

After completing the main game, players gain access to two new worlds:

  • Isolated Isles: Forgo Plains
  • Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

For more information and an immersive experience, visit 5 WS for an in-depth exploration of the game.

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