How Long Does It Take to Fly from Houston to Las Vegas?

Data Source

Our information is sourced from the latest available data from the US Department of Transportation.

Average Flight Timeline

The average flight timeline consists of three stages. First, there’s the taxiing out stage, which includes the time from the flight leaving the gate to taking off. Then, there’s the time spent in the air, from departure to touch down. Finally, there’s the taxiing in stage, from landing to arrival at the gate. Additionally, the average timeline estimates when the flight will leave and arrive relative to its scheduled departure time.

Leaves Houston: 2 minutes early
Taxi Out Time: 15 minutes
In the Air: 165 minutes
Taxiing In: 6 minutes
Arrives Las Vegas: 6 minutes early

Flight Reliability

Flight reliability measures how often an airline’s flights on this route are canceled or delayed for more than 20 minutes. For example, Southwest is 65% reliable on the Houston to Las Vegas route, meaning their flights are on time 65% of the time and experience delays or cancellations the rest of the time.

Airline Normal Flights Arrival Delayed* Flight Cancelled
Spirit 86% 11% 3%
United 84% 15% 1%
Frontier 76% 24% 0%
Southwest 65% 32% 3%

Flight Time by Airline

Each airline has a different flight duration between Houston and Las Vegas due to various operational factors and scheduling. The flight time for each airline is divided into three stages: taxiing out, time in the air, and taxiing in. There are also additional operational issues included in the total flight time.

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Airline Taxiing Out (minutes) In the Air (minutes) Taxiing In (minutes) Total (minutes)
Southwest 11 163 5 183
Spirit 13 166 6 189
United 17 164 6 189
Frontier 15 167 11 198

Flights by Time of Day

This chart represents the average number of flights that depart from the gate during each hour of the day. The figures may not be whole numbers as they are averaged over 52 weeks and can be affected by various operational factors.

Time Count
6am 0.26
3pm 0.49
4pm 0.81
6pm 0.65
2pm 1.4
11am 0.83
9am 1.02
8pm 0.99
8am 0.18
10pm 0.45
10am 0.43
1pm 0.24
7am 0.36
12pm 0.71
11pm 0.12
5pm 0.46
7pm 0.31
9pm 0.3

Flights by Month

The number of flights from Houston to Las Vegas varies by month. Some flights are seasonal, and demand throughout the year can be uneven.

Month Count
January 309
February 212
March 273
April 253
May 271
June 296
July 332
August 346
September 370
October 385
November 341
December 333

Flights by Day of Week

The number of flights from Houston to Las Vegas differs on each day of the week. Some routes have limited demand, resulting in only a few weekly trips, while others have multiple flights per day. The numbers presented are an average across the year.

Day Count
Monday 10.73
Tuesday 9.33
Wednesday 9.15
Thursday 10.65
Friday 10.44
Saturday 10.44
Sunday 10.81

Flights per Airline (per Week)

This chart shows how frequently each airline operates on this route within a single week. Factors such as the need to connect different routes and demand influence an airline’s decision to fly a specific route.

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Airline Flights per Week
United 1
Spirit 0
Frontier 0
Southwest 0

Flight Time by Time of Day

The total flight time varies depending on the hour of the day due to factors like airport traffic. Increased flight volume can result in longer taxi in and taxi out times. For a detailed discussion of each time duration, please refer to the description above under the “Average Timeline” section.

Time Taxi Out (minutes) In the Air (minutes) Taxi In (minutes) Total (minutes)
6am 12 168 6 187
3pm 11 163 6 184
4pm 16 162 6 187
6pm 17 162 6 187
2pm 16 167 6 192
11am 15 165 6 189
9am 19 165 6 191
8pm 17 163 7 190
8am 15 166 6 188
10pm 11 161 11 187
10am 15 162 6 187
1pm 14 164 10 190
7am 16 161 6 184
12pm 16 166 6 189
11pm 13 165 11 192
5pm 14 170 6 191
7pm 16 171 6 195
9pm 13 168 9 193

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