How a Narcissist Treats You When You’re Sick

Video how he treats you when you re sick

A common complaint among difficult personality relationships is how a narcissist treats you when you’re sick. In a healthy relationship, it’s expected to receive care and empathy from your loved ones during times of illness. However, when it comes to a narcissist, their response can be quite different. Their selfishness takes center stage, and you’re left feeling neglected and abandoned. Let’s delve into how a narcissist treats you when you’re sick, exploring six common tactics they employ.

Narcissists Won’t Give You Empathy When You’re Sick

Imagine lying in bed in excruciating pain, hoping for some compassion from your partner. But instead, you’re met with indifference and a complete lack of empathy. This was the reality for me when I experienced severe period pain. My partner’s response was shocking – he belittled my pain and left me feeling ashamed and guilty. In that moment, I realized that I couldn’t count on him for any support or understanding. Being in a relationship with a narcissist is incredibly lonely.

Narcissists Will Invalidate You When You’re Sick

Invalidation is a common trait of how a narcissist treats you when you’re sick. They refuse to acknowledge your experience and instead twist the situation to make you appear selfish or weak. They prioritize their own needs over yours, making you question the validity of your pain and suffering. Terms like “toughen up,” “get over it,” or “what’s your problem” become their go-to phrases. Remember, everything revolves around the narcissist, not you.

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Narcissists Will Disappear When You’re Sick

To a narcissist, you’re merely an energy source. When you’re sick, you become useless to them, like a broken toy. They’d rather find someone else to fulfill their needs than take care of you. If they do stick around, their contempt for you becomes evident. They won’t offer any help or support, and you’ll be left to fend for yourself. This abandonment can be hurtful, but in the long run, it’s better to be without their presence.

Narcissists Will Still Expect You to Wait on Them

Don’t expect a day off from serving the narcissist just because you’re sick. They will continue to demand your attention and expect you to cater to their every need. Being sick is inconvenient for them, not for you. I witnessed this dynamic in a codependent husband and narcissistic wife relationship. The wife consistently played the victim, making the husband pamper her while dismissing his own illness. The narcissist always reigns supreme, and you’re left feeling insignificant.

Narcissists Will Use Your Illness to Gain Supply For Themselves

Sometimes, a narcissist may appear caring when you’re sick, especially in the presence of others. They use your illness as an opportunity to gain sympathy and attention. Social media becomes their platform to showcase their “support” for you, even though it’s all a facade. Their posts will revolve around how much they are sacrificing for your well-being, rather than genuinely providing care. They’ll also use your illness as an excuse to take days off work, further reinforcing their self-importance.

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Narcissists Will Use Your Sickness to Reinforce Their Importance

In a narcissistic relationship, the narcissist is the only important one. They manipulate and devalue you to ensure compliance and to maintain their power. When you’re sick, they seize the opportunity to further squash your self-worth and reinforce their superiority. By dismissing your pain and showing no concern, they make it clear that you are insignificant. It’s a painful realization that their love is conditional and ultimately self-serving.

Healing from narcissistic abuse is a challenging journey. If you’re struggling to break free from this toxic cycle, seeking guidance can be beneficial. Consider exploring spiritual mentorship sessions, meditations, ebooks, psychic readings, and healing sessions. Remember, you deserve a relationship based on compassion, empathy, and genuine care.

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