How Guys Really Feel When They Ghost You

Ghosting has become an all-too-common occurrence in modern dating, and chances are it’s happened to most of us at least once. The prevalence of online interactions seems to have fueled this phenomenon, leaving many of us puzzled and hurt when someone suddenly vanishes from our lives. But what about the ghost himself? What emotions are they experiencing when they decide to disappear without a trace?

Unraveling the Ghost

Understanding how a guy feels when he ghosts you largely depends on the reasons behind his sudden disappearance. So, let’s explore some of the possible causes for being ghosted:

  1. He’s not ready. Perhaps he’s not prepared for a committed relationship and feels overwhelmed by the idea of taking things to the next level.
  2. You’re not the only one. It’s possible that he’s dating multiple people simultaneously and has decided to focus on someone else.
  3. He’s not into you. Unfortunately, he may have realized that he doesn’t feel a strong enough connection with you to continue pursuing the relationship.
  4. He’s got a lot going on. Maybe he’s dealing with personal issues or has a busy schedule that leaves him unable to invest time and effort into a relationship.

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Feelings That Lead to Ghosting

It’s safe to assume that ghosts struggle with effectively processing and expressing their emotions. Otherwise, they would have engaged in a mature conversation to address the issues they’re facing in the relationship. So, what are some common feelings that might lead a guy to choose ghosting as his best or only option?

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He may sense that you’re looking for something more serious than the casual dating you’ve been doing. If he’s not interested in committing, either in general or with you specifically, the thought of it may overwhelm him. Perhaps you dropped hints about going on trips together, spending more time as a couple, or even introducing him to your friends. Suddenly, he’s feeling the heat of a relationship and chooses to vanish rather than communicate his expectations.


This feeling often accompanies the pressure he perceives from you. Your ghost may find your daily texts or eagerness to hang out all the time annoying. Unfortunately, some people still play games when it comes to dating, and feeling wanted can actually be a turn-off. Rather than discussing his preferred text frequency, he labels you as “annoying” and cuts off communication altogether. Alternatively, he might simply have a lot on his plate and can’t devote the time and attention he thinks you want or need. Instead of addressing this, he opts for ghosting, which is never the answer, regardless of how busy one may be.


When people feel hurt, their instinct is often self-preservation. Your ghost may have been hurt by something that transpired between the two of you or may carry unresolved baggage from past relationships. Maybe you mentioned that you were dating others, which bruised his ego. Perhaps he took it personally when you expressed a desire for a non-serious relationship. Past negative experiences could also be clouding his perspective on healthy relationships. Instead of working through these feelings, he chooses to vanish before you get the chance to do the same. Immature, right? (insert eye roll here)

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I rarely take the ghost’s side, but in some cases, emotional abuse or manipulation may be at play. In such situations, vanishing without further engagement might actually be the best course of action. Take a moment to reflect on how you’ve interacted with your ghost. Were you playing games, being hot and cold, twisting his words, or trying to manipulate him into a situation he didn’t want? If not, then this possibility can be ruled out. However, if you realize that your approach could be manipulative, it might be time to reconsider your dating tactics. It’s easy to become jaded in the dating world, but remember that kindness is always the best policy. If it’s not reciprocated, it’s better to move on rather than fall into toxic relationship patterns.


As painful as it may be to accept, the reality could be that your ghost simply doesn’t feel anything for you. It’s like looking right through a ghost—you see nothing in the middle. This guy might be a serial dater, only interested in the initial excitement of meeting someone new. While this is hard to digest, especially if you’ve developed genuine feelings, it’s better to have him disappear now rather than later. Most ghosts lack the emotional maturity necessary to meet your wants and needs. Allow yourself to experience the sting of rejection, and then let him vanish from your mind, just as he did from your screen.

Emotions After Ghosting

The guy you liked has unexpectedly vanished, fully embracing the culture of ghosting. You’ve stopped trying to contact him and are moving on from the whole experience. Now that everything has settled down, what is this guy feeling?

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This might be a bitter pill to swallow, but if your ghost felt annoyed, pressured, or manipulated by your interactions, he’s probably relieved to be out of the situation. Some guys simply don’t want to be in a relationship, and while expectations should be clear from the start, they also need to be respected. Don’t expect a commitment-phobic guy to magically change his stance after meeting you.


Surprisingly, your ghost might have a conscience, even if it hasn’t been functioning properly for a while. He may feel guilty or regretful for ghosting you. Most of the time, ghosting isn’t about you; it’s about his inability to communicate effectively. Sending a simple message to express his desire to end things (hopefully in a kinder way) shouldn’t be so difficult, right? Your ghost may now realize how immature and inconsiderate his disappearing act was. Be cautious here because this ghost might reappear in the future to clear the air or ask for a second chance.


This feeling likely goes hand in hand with guilt. Your ghost may feel not only remorseful but also sad about not having you in his life anymore. He may even miss the things that used to annoy him. As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20.” Now he’s longing for the caring texts that once frightened him away from commitment. Or perhaps he’s gone on dates with others and realized what he’s missing uniquely from your connection—your wit, kindness, intellect, empathy, etc. This is another scenario in which your ghost might decide to reappear in your life. But be cautious about accepting back a ghost.

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Depressingly enough, your ghost may be simply indifferent to the situation. The nature of online interactions can lead to a numbing of emotions toward others. Nowadays, you don’t have to face someone in person to convey difficult messages; worse yet, you can just ghost them. Many guys in the dating world have grasped the ease with which they can discard one woman and pick up another without even leaving their homes. If that’s the case, say goodbye to that ghost. No one wants to be in a relationship, even a casual one, with someone who sees them as just one of many.

Ghosts Are Human Too

Remember, your ghost is a real person with feelings and dating baggage. While it’s difficult to find valid excuses for ghosting someone, there’s almost always a kinder and healthier way to end a relationship. While it can be helpful to explore the emotions experienced by a guy who has ghosted you as a means of finding closure, try not to dwell on it for too long. Holding onto anger isn’t healthy. Being ghosted is undoubtedly challenging, but know that it’s a common experience. Do yourself a favor and let your ghost disappear from your mind and contacts list.

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