How Austen Kroll’s Sister Passed Away

A Heartbreaking Tale of Tragedy on Southern Charm

The newest addition to the popular Bravo series ‘Southern Charm,’ Austen Kroll, recently shared a deeply personal story about the tragic loss of his older sister. In the latest episode of the reality series, Austen revealed that at the tender age of 9, his sister Kyle fell to her death while the family was on a hike.

Austen, who joined the show in its fourth season, explained that just four days prior to the tragedy, his parents had relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. Eager to explore their new surroundings, the family decided to visit Chimney Rock State Park and take in the beautiful scenery. Little did they know that this trip would forever change their lives.

Reflecting on that fateful day, Austen described the experience as surreal. As a young child, he struggled to comprehend the concept of death. He vividly recalled thinking that they were simply going to the hospital to attend to his sister’s scraped knee. But as time passed, Austen realized the devastating truth, making it the worst day of his young life.

According to The Wilmington Morning Star, the tragedy occurred in August 1994. Kyle and her cousins had been playing ahead of Austen, who was 7 at the time, and the rest of the group. Unfortunately, Kyle accidentally ventured beyond the barricades along the trails, and in a heartbreaking moment, she slipped and fell off a cliff approximately 200 feet high. Tragically, she died instantly from her injuries.

Reports from that time revealed that heavy rainfall had made the park grounds unusually slippery, leading to its closure the day before the accident. The aftermath of this personal tragedy deeply affected Austen’s parents. Determined not to raise him as an only child, they later welcomed another daughter, Katie, into their family.

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Austen’s profound bond with his parents and younger sister became the focus of a conversation on a recent episode of Southern Charm. During a date with Chelsea Meissner, Austen was asked about his family dynamics. He shared that it was his mother who played a pivotal role, jokingly saying, “Ask your mother.” Chelsea acknowledged the strength of having a strong female figure in the family and inquired about Austen’s relationship with his younger sister, Katie.

Austen opened up about the reason behind the significant age gap between him and Katie. He revealed that his family had endured the loss of his older sister, a fact not commonly known. Clearly emotional, Austen explained that the family had visited Chimney Rock when they first moved to Charlotte. It was there that the tragic accident occurred, although Austen was unable to delve into further details.

Overwhelmed with empathy, Chelsea recognized the pain Austen’s parents must have endured. Austen himself fought back tears as he acknowledged their tumultuous journey. However, he also expressed gratitude for the presence of his younger sister, Katie, who wouldn’t have been born if not for the loss they experienced.

Taking to social media, Austen shared a photo of himself and Chelsea, expressing his hopes that viewers appreciated the episode. He then thanked his fans on Twitter for the overwhelming support his family had received. Chelsea, one of the first to respond, simply wrote, “Love you!”

Austen’s heartbreaking account of his sister’s tragic passing highlights the indomitable spirit of his close-knit family. Their resilience in the face of unimaginable loss serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

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