How Did Abby Die In Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart: A Journey Through Life and Death

The heartfelt film, Five Feet Apart, captivated audiences with its poignant story of two teenage souls battling cystic fibrosis. Released two years ago, this movie continues to hold a special place in our hearts, touching on the fragility of life and the power of connection.

The Unconventional Love Story

The plot revolves around Stella, a tightly wound young woman, and Will, a cynical rebel. Both afflicted with cystic fibrosis, their lives are consumed by the constant threat of death. Stella is committed to strict rules and routines, while Will’s infection makes him a danger to fellow CF patients.

Initially, their contrasting perspectives cause friction, but as time passes, their animosity fades, replaced by a blossoming romantic interest.

The Five Feet Rule

To prevent life-threatening infections, these teens must maintain a six-foot distance at all times. However, Stella decides to flout the rules by claiming back one foot, ultimately settling on a distance of five feet – a rebellion that gives the movie its title, “Five Feet Apart.”

But amidst this story that dances with death, who meets their tragic end?

1. Characters Who Bid Farewell

Contrary to expectations, neither Stella nor Will meet their demise in the film. Instead, it is Stella’s older sister, Abby, and her fellow CF patient and best friend, Poe, who pass away.

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Five Feet Apart

2. Unveiling Abby’s Fate

Abby’s death is not immediately revealed in the movie’s timeline, building anticipation and curiosity. Through Abby’s captivating artwork featuring lungs made of flowers and butterflies suspended in space, we glimpse her role as a pillar of support for Stella. She accompanied Stella to operation theaters and helped her find solace in slumber. The sisters shared an unbreakable bond.

Will suspects Abby’s passing due to Stella’s uneasy demeanor and silence surrounding her sister’s absence from social media. Stella finally confides in Will, revealing that Abby lost her life a year ago in a tragic cliff-diving accident. Stella’s crippling guilt arises from her inability to be with Abby during her final moments.

3. Poe’s Departure and Its Impact

While Stella and Will’s story takes the spotlight, Poe, Stella’s dear friend, faces an untimely demise. Poe’s frequent accidental presses of the emergency button become a running joke, until his last press becomes a genuine emergency. We witness the harrowing portrayal of Poe’s demise as his face turns pale and his lips tint blue due to oxygen deprivation.

Poe’s passing becomes a turning point for Stella, triggering grief and regret for not being able to embrace her best friend one last time. Determined to seize life’s opportunities, Stella embarks on an adventure to see the city lights with Will – a dream she had cherished for a long time.

4. The Battle Against Infection

Throughout the movie, Stella’s unwavering commitment to her treatments ensures that she and Will maintain a safe distance. However, during a walk on the night of Poe’s death, Stella falls into a frozen pond. Will’s only choice to save her life is to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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Miraculously, Stella tests negative for Will’s infection, but the threat of future contamination still looms.

5. Stella and Will’s Journey

Following the incident at the frozen pond, Stella undergoes a lung transplant, offering her hope for a healthier future. Sadly, the same luck does not accompany Will. Despite experimental treatments, Will’s condition deteriorates, leaving him ineligible for a lung transplant. Time becomes his enemy, and he tearfully bids farewell to Stella, confessing his love as she recovers in a separate room.

The exact fate of Will remains open to interpretation. Cole Sprouse, the actor who portrayed Will, stated that alternative endings were filmed, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions. Thus, while it is heavily implied that Will succumbs to his illness, his actual passing is left to our imagination.

6. About Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart, released in 2019, takes audiences on a journey with Stella, a 17-year-old cystic fibrosis patient. Her life revolves around strict routines and boundaries, until she encounters Will, a charming soul sharing her terminal fate. Amidst the restrictions and fear of infection, a profound connection blossoms, challenging both characters to question the rules that govern their lives.

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